Do you get tired of seeing shoes, slippers and sandals scattered all over your home? Do you find it hard to keep things tidy and always run after the clock to stay on schedule? If one of your answers was “yes”, stay reading this article! We’ll tell you about the features and advantages of an extendable shoe rack and why you should have one.

Sometimes it is impossible to keep order in our homes because we don’t have enough time to do the housework. It can also happen that we live in small spaces. For this reason, it is very important to choose functional accessories that simplify our daily life. An extendable shoe rack, for example, will help you to make your house or apartment look neater and tidier.

The most important thing

  • An extendable shoe rack is an essential piece of furniture for people who find it difficult to keep things tidy. Also, for those who have little time for everyday tasks and live in small spaces.
  • You can find them in different formats. There are from basic designs, with extendable steel rods, to furniture designs adapted to wardrobe interiors or made of bamboo.
  • There is an infinity of sizes and also a wide variety of colours. Thus, users can choose the model that best matches their interior decoration.

The best extendable shoe racks: Our recommendations

On the market you will find a wide variety of extendable shoe racks. Normally, we don’t have the time to carry out an in-depth analysis of which type is best for us, but don’t worry! But don’t worry, we show you the best extendable shoe racks to make your task easier.

The best small extendable shoe rack

If you are looking for a small and practical extendable shoe rack, without a doubt, this is the best option. This shoe cabinet has two levels and is made of epoxy lacquered metal. It can store from 6 to 12 pairs of shoes. It is ideal for arranging a wide variety of shoes, since you can organize those that you use more frequently.

Users have loved this model because, being extendable, it can be easily added to a corner of the living room or bedroom. The shoe rack comes with a step-by-step instruction manual for assembly.

The best decorative extendable shoe rack

For decoration lovers and people who own a lot of shoes, this shoe cabinet is ideal! This model has three front doors and a capacity for 18 pairs of shoes. It is made of high quality melamine and its measurements are: 13 cm (height) x 60 cm (width) x 22 cm (depth).

Users are very satisfied with its capacity and appearance. Undoubtedly, this Habitdesign shoe cabinet is the best option for large families. It is also suitable for shoe fanatics who need to complement their traditional shoe cabinet. The shoe rack is available in three different colours: white, oak and a white oak combination.

The best “invisible” extendable shoe rack

This type of extendable shoe rack is perfect for those who prefer to keep their shoes hidden. It has the peculiarity of being able to be adapted to a space

inside the wardrobe. On the other hand, its measures are as follows: 64 cm-100 cm wide x 17 cm high x 48,7 cm deep.

It is manufactured in Spain by the brand Menage Confort. The material of its structure is chrome-plated steel. Users are happy because the shoe rack slides smoothly when they open the cupboard to remove a pair of shoes. This model is one of the most expensive on the market.

The best oversized pull-out shoe rack

This PDFF pull-out shoe rack is suitable for those who have a large amount of shoes. It is easy to assemble and, despite the size, looks great in both large and small environments. Up to 24 pairs of shoes can be stored here. In total, its dimensions are 50 cm in length, 25 cm in width and 100 cm in height.

This beautiful shoe rack has the particularity of being multifunctional. In addition to being a shoe rack, it can be used to organize all kinds of utensils and tools to keep the yard, garage, bedroom and living room away from clutter. For all these reasons, its users love it!

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Shopping Guide: What You Need to Know About the Extendable Shoe Rack

If you’re looking to supplement your traditional shoe rack and combat shoe clutter in your home, it’s important to know what options are available on the market. It is also convenient that you identify which is the one that best suits your needs.

Here is

everything you need to know before buying your shoe rack.

Zapatos desordenadosZapatos desordenadosSometimes it is impossible to keep order in our homes because we do not have enough time. (Source: Grinvalds: 52935225 / 123rf)

What is an extendable shoe rack?

Let’s start with the first thing, have you ever seen an extendable shoe rack? As the name suggests, it’s a shoe rack. But what makes this shoe rack so special?

Its differential, compared to traditional shoe rack models, is that it is extensible. That’s why you can adapt it to any kind of space and, if you buy more shoes, you can expand it!

An extendable shoe rack contains two or more levels made, for the most part, of steel bars. These bars are characterized by being very resistant and adaptable, giving the user different possibilities of extension.

To a

lesser extent, you can find bamboo and plastic options.

What are the advantages of using an extendable shoe rack?

When choosing an extendable shoe rack, you should take into account its main virtues and defects. Therefore, we analyze its advantages and disadvantages. Take them into account when making your purchase.


  • BriThey provide an optimal level of organization in small spaces.
  • Practical, flexible and adaptable
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Made of resistant materials (usually metal)
  • Can be used to support other types of objects
  • They help you to optimize your time
  • They are more economical


  • The shoes are visible
  • It is more fragile than a shoe cabinet

What types of extendable shoe racks are there?

You can find different types of extendable shoe racks on the market. We suggest you ask yourself the following questions to determine which model is best for you: Do you have many pairs of shoes? Do you live alone, as a couple or as a family? Do you want the extendable shoe rack to be inside the wardrobe or in full view? Here is a

list of all the different types of extendable shoe racks so that, after answering these questions, you will know which one best suits your preferences


  • Extendable and extractable shoe rack for wardrobe: This type of shoe rack is ideal for those who do not want their shoes to be in sight, as it is placed inside the wardrobe. In addition to being removable, it is also extensible, adapting to the width of the wardrobe. Another of its attributes is that it has sliding guides, making it very comfortable and practical to extract it. It can store from 8 to 10 pairs. It is recommended for those people who want to maintain the aesthetics in their room and who live alone or as a couple.
  • Classic extendable shoe rack two levels: If you are one of those people who are looking for practicality above all things, this type of shoe rack is the right one. It is a classic model that expands and contracts according to the needs of the user. It is recommended for quick shoe display.
  • Extendable family shoe rack: This model is ideal for those who have many pairs of shoes or for those who live in a family. It has an extension system different from the two previous ones, as it does not extend to the width, but to the height. It gives the user the possibility of placing the number of levels you want (up to 6 levels). It has the capacity to store 24 to 28 pairs of shoes.
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Here is a table for you to analyse their differences.

Classic extendable shoe rack Extendable family shoe rack Interior extendable shoe rack
Capacity Stores 6 to 12 pairs of shoes Stores 24 to 28 pairs of shoes Stores 18 to 20 pairs of shoes
Assembled Easy Easy Medium Difficulty
Material Chrome steel Metal and plastic connectors Chrome steel
Price Around 15 Euros Between 25 and 20 Euros Around 100 Euros
Levels 2 levels Up to 6 levels 2 levels
Extension capacity From 62 to 117 cm You can add as many tiers as you need From 65 to 100 cm
User Couples/ singles Families Couples/singles

When to buy an extendable shoe rack?

The followingHere are some clear signs to identify if you need an extendable shoe rack. Read carefully!

  • You already have a shoe cabinet, but you need a small extendable shoe cabinet to place the shoes you usually wear, as you need them at your fingertips.
  • You frequently buy new shoes, so you need to extend the traditional shoe cabinet.
  • You want to include a shoe rack in your wardrobe, but you can’t find the right size to fit your closet. An extendable shoe rack gives you the security of being able to adapt it to any width.

Do any of these situations sound familiar? Then go get your pull-out shoe rack!

Zapatos ordenadosZapatos ordenadosA pull-out shoe rack is a must-have for people who have a hard time keeping things tidy. (Source: Mmoonhirun: 85057806 / 123rf)

Where to put an extendable shoe rack?

If you still have any doubts about the best place to place your extendable shoe rack, here are some ideas:

  • In the bedroom: This is usually the main place where shoe clutter lives. If you are tired of looking for your shoes under the bed, this is the right place to place your extendable shoe rack. You only need a few centimetres on the wall or, if you have space, you can also place it in your wardrobe, as it will be completely invisible.
  • At the entrance of the living room: If shoe chaos lives in your living room or you take off your shoes when you enter your home, it’s time to include an extendable shoe rack in your living room. It won’t look bad if you place it next to the welcome rack. The shoe rack can even be used to place some ornaments and decorative plants.

“Optimize the distribution of your furniture and take advantage of its interior: more drawers or shelves, an extra bar. Don’t keep anything you don’t usually use close at hand”.

Purchasing criteria

In this section you will learn about the most important purchasing criteria to take into account when choosing your extendable shoe rack. Don’t neglect these aspects, as they will help you find the most suitable shoe rack.


It is important that you pay attention to the decoration of your home in order to choose the most suitable colour. Although almost all of the extendable shoe racks are easy to match colors, you can find options that fit more accurately with the style of your home.

If your home decor is dominated by light and pastel colors, we recommend that you choose a white extendable shoe rack. Since this will combine perfectly with the other furniture in your home


We also suggest this color if your living room decoration style is vintage.

On the other hand, if your decoration has a minimalist style, we recommend you to choose a white extendable shoe rack.

to dark, buy a black extendable shoe rack. This would fit perfectly with the furniture in your apartment. If you do not identify with any of these options, because you are only looking for comfort and practicality, you can opt for any of the metal models. These are the most abundant in the market.


In the market we can find a wide variety of extendable shoe racks, made of different types of materials. You should identify what kind of shoes you use most regularly and their weight, so you can determine which material would be the best.

Metal extendable shoe racks have a much longer lifespan.

You can also find options in wood, furniture type, which are characterized by being resistant and durable. Finally, you can find plastic extendable shoe racks. These are cheaper, but they are less resistant and are more prone to deteriorate over time.

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Zapatero de metalZapatero de metalThere are infinite sizes and also a wide variety of colors. (Source: Venusangel: 27361995 / 123rf)


Keep in mind the amount of shoes you have to choose an extendable shoe rack. As we mentioned in previous sections, the capacity should be related to the number of members living in your home. Another factor, no less relevant, is to be aware of the type of user you are: do you usually buy shoes or are you the type that always uses the same shoes?

You can find a lot of variety of extendable shoe racks of different capacities.

The number of tiers for shoe storage ranges from two tiers (the simplest models) to five or six tiers. You can also extend them to store up to five pairs of shoes per level. Undoubtedly, it is an essential piece for shoe fanatics who do not want to be limited to the amount that their traditional shoe cabinet can provide.


As we all know, an extendable shoe rack is useful to put order to all those shoes that we have scattered in the room or in the living room. But, have you ever thought that its structure is very useful to store any kind of objects? Here are some ideas.

  • In the garage: An extendable shoe rack could be very useful to organize the tools in the garage. This way, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for more easily.
  • In the bathroom: The extendable shoe rack could fit perfectly in the bathroom. Believe it or not, it could be very useful to support towels and different toiletries. It is a cheaper option compared to a piece of furniture. Plus, it has the ability to adapt to the space you have available.
Extendable shoe rack without assembly Extendable shoe cabinet Extendable shoe rack for wardrobe
Bedroom X X X
Entrance hall X X
Garage X
Bathroom X


Another fundamental aspect to consider is the dimensions. Make sure you measure the space where you want to place the shoe rack. The size of the space is a determining feature. You must correctly take the measurements of width, length and height to avoid surprises after you have bought it.

You can find extendable shoe racks that extend up to approximately 120 cm in length. There are also multi-level shoe racks. Therefore, measure well the surface where you want to place it.


Have you ever asked yourself what kind of user you are? This criterion is important because, depending on your personality and habits, you will have to choose one or another type of extendable shoe rack.

  • If you don’t have much time in the mornings, you should buy a small extendable shoe rack that is visible.
  • If you buy shoes periodically, we recommend the type of pull-out shoe rack that can be placed inside the wardrobe.
  • If you like to maintain the aesthetics of the rooms, we suggest the extendable shoe rack type furniture. Pay attention to the colour tone of the rest of the furniture and choose the one that matches your decor.


We believe that an organized home is a happier home. An extendable shoe rack is what you need to put an end to that pile of shoes, slippers and sandals scattered around your home. This way, you’ll make your home look nicer, while optimizing your space.

Forget about wasting time trying to find the right pair of shoes for your outfit. We are sure that this guide will help you choose the best extendable shoe rack for you. What are you waiting for to find it?

(Featured image source: Belchonock: 140903144 / 123rf)