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As we all know, Xiaomi not only owns a countless amount of smartphone models but also other more or less smart devices. Among them, the most popular ones are those dedicated to personal care. Brushless toothbrushes are highly sought after not only for the excellent value for money, but also for a truly remarkable construction and functionality. In this regard, we announce that Xiaomi Mijia Electric Toothbrush T700

is coming to Italy and Europe officially.

Xiaomi Mijia Electric Toothbrush T700 is one of the brand’s latest brushless toothbrushes and it’s officially coming to Italy and Europe!

As it often happens, we found in formations about Xiaomi Mijia Electric Toothbrush T700 within an Italian and European certification body. This means that the device, within a few months, will also debut in our country as well as in the European Community. This means that we will be able to purchase it directly from the company’s official website

. But having said that, let’s go to see the data in our possession, the product number and the specifications of the incoming Xiaomi smart toothbrush.

The smart toothbrush from the Chinese company is equipped with a powerful magnetic levitation motor, capable of reaching 39600 revolutions per minute as well as offering several smart functions for cleaning and oral hygiene. Compact dimensions, amounting to 27 x 255 mm although the weight is not low (220 grams). This could result in poor ergonomics and use of the toothbrush, but going further it does not lack the IPX7 certification to use it even in the shower or clean it directly under running water.

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A noteworthy feature is the handy LED screen, through which we can view the maintenance status of the brush head, the remaining battery charge and display a score after each cleaning session. But the “nice” thing is that we can customize the design of the display, either through pre-loaded images or through the creation of our own avatar for each user registered to the companion app. In terms of autonomy, the 1050 mAh battery is able to offer up to a month of use.

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