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The company of Lei Jun strikes again, or rather yet another interesting novelty comes from the crowdfunding platform of the brand, now a guarantee when it comes to useful accessories in all fields. This time around, Xiaomi YouPin proposes a cute toilet brush that sterilizes itself through UVC germicidal ultraviolet rays and equipped with other features that make it a must have in your bathroom.

Update 29/07: The awesome Xiaomi YouPin toilet brush is back again and available for purchase. You can find all the details directly inside the article.

Xiaomi YouPin presents the toilet brush that sterilizes itself through UVC (in two versions): here are all the details and the price on offer

scopino WC di Xiaomi YouPin<img width=”1200″ height=”911″ src=” 1200w,×228.jpg 300w,×583.jpg 768w,×528.jpg 696w,×811.jpg 1068w,×420.jpg 553w, https://gizchina.en/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/code-discount-scoop-wc-xiaomi-youpin-uvc-offer-features-price-02-80×60.jpg 80w” alt=”toilet brush by Xiaomi YouPin” />The

new toilet brush is not equipped with smart features, but it is not less smart: it is a solution equipped with a silicone head and a small internal motor that allows a rotation at 300 rpm. In this way, the (easily replaceable) head is able to clean the toilet thoroughly and quickly, reaching any crevice.

scopino WC di Xiaomi YouPinscopino WC di Xiaomi YouPin

But of course, the most coveted feature of the Xiaomi YouPin toilet brush is its self-sterilizing function: the base features a UVC light module, which can disinfect and sterilize the brush head in 120 seconds. Icing on the cake, the base presents a series of grooves on the bottom, so as to circulate air and prevent the bristles of the head from being exposed to moisture.

The device integrates a 2,000 mAh battery, which can offer up to 90 minutes of battery life. After arriving on Xiaomi YouPin, the self-sterilizing toilet brush is available on AliExpress (after a long time of absence) and is on offer for around €33.9

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prefer an even cheaper alternative, we recommend the Ecoco toilet brush, also from Xiaomi YouPin. In this case the price drops to € 13.5 (you can find it here): it is a solution with wall attachment via adhesive, available in two colors. Again, there are easy-to-clean bristles but it lacks UV sterilization.

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