I have to admit it…I have a soft spot for this particular device, the air purifier! And what better product could I test and use if not the top of the range Xiaomi? Today I will talk about the Xiaomi Purifier 3H.

Xiaomi Mijia Air Purifier 3H

Xiaomi Mijia Air Purifier 3H

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The question many will ask is: why would I need an air purifier in my home? well, the answer is in the question..simply to purify the air. And at this point you may wonder how “polluted” the air in your home can be and the answer in this case will be a bit more complex. So, a lot depends on what kind of heating you use, where you live, how clean you keep the house. If you use a stove (pellet or wood, it doesn’t matter) or a fireplace, you will certainly have a lot of smoke and dust in the house, even if you may not realize it. Fine particles, pm 2.5, are practically impossible to hear/see but unfortunately they are there and they are also very bad for our organism as they are able to bypass our filtering system (in the nose) and end up in the lungs. Same thing if you live in big cities with a lot of pollution, just open the windows to introduce it in the house. Even the dust that accumulates in homes could become a sore point. Here, in all these cases becomes very useful for our health a device that allows us to clean the air we breathe and make our family live in a healthy environment.


In the box you will simply find the purifier and a multilingual instruction booklet (including Italian). Inside the purifier itself, opening the back door from which you access to the filter, you will find the power cord with Italian plug and of course the filter. So in 60 seconds you will connect the cable and you can turn on your new Xiaomi Purifier 3H! No parts to assemble, tissues to remove or other tedious and difficult operations.


Our Xiaomi Purifier 3H is equipped with a convenient display with a touch button that will allow us to use it even WITHOUT the configuration via the application, but we’ll talk about this later. Now let’s see how to configure it and use it remotely!

Download from your store the app “Xioami Home” (essential to control all Xiaomi devices) and register your account (you can do it via email or phone number).

<img src=”//www.w3.org/2000/svg’%20viewBox=’0%200%20300%20245’%3E%3C/svg%3E” data-src=”https://www.xia

omitoday.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Screenshot_20200929-181604-300×245.jpg” alt=”Purifier 3H xiaomi” width=”300″ height=”245″ />

Once done, you will be in the home screen and you need to click on the “+” icon that you will find in the top right corner. This will start the automatic search for new devices and in our case the purifier (which you have previously connected to the electricity and turned on using the touch button on the display).

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If the purifier has never been paired to other wi-fi networks it will be automatically recognized, otherwise you will have to reset the network settings by clicking simultaneously on the power button and the display brightness/shutdown adjustment button on the back (the only button present) for 5 seconds, until the beep.

Once located, you will need to click on the purifier icon first and then you will be asked which wireless network to connect it to. Click on “I accept the license agreement”, enable the location and BT (otherwise there will be no way to finish the procedure) then click “connect to another router”, choose your network and enter the password. At this point you just have to wait for the end of the configuration. You will also be asked which room you want to put your new device in (this option can be bypassed).


In my opinion the use of the app is essential, in fact we will be able to use each option while sitting comfortably on our couch, or even remotely from another place.

The first thing to do will be to turn on the purifier through the appropriate command “activate” (it goes without saying that to turn it off you have to click on “disable”)

Purifier 3H xiaomi

The first information that will be given to us will be those indicated at the top: temperature, humidity and above all the percentage of fine particulate matter pm2.5 present in the air (with a description of its quality).

Purifier 3H xiaomi

Our Purifier 3H Xiaomi has essentially 4 modes of use:

  • Automatic: as the word itself says, based on the air quality it will adjust the fan
  • Night: this is the quietest mode to guarantee you a rest without disturbing noises.
  • Level 1-2-3: here you can select the fan intensity on 3 predefined levels.
  • Manual: in this mode you will be able to manually select the intensity of the fan using a convenient slider. At each selection you will see the square footage that with that specific setting can be purified (in square meters of course)

As you can see in these screenshots, you will always have available the percentage of use of the filter (so you will not have problems to understand when it is time to replace). Very interesting is also the “schedule power on/off” option (which I can’t do without) that will allow you to set an automatic timer and decide when to use the purifier. In my case I set it to turn on at 20 and turn off at 24, so as to give me the maximum performance when I’m home. The really amazing thing is that this customization can be done in multiple ways:

  • On / off at a certain time of certain days
  • Turn on at a certain time on certain days
  • Turn off at a certain time of certain days
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Another interesting option that you can enable is the “parental control”: if you enable it, the commands from the display will be disabled and you’ll be able to interact only with the application.

Less important but still useful are the commands to disable the notification sounds, set the display brightness (intense-subdued-disabled) and receive notifications about any Purifier malfunction.

USE THROUGH DISPLAY Purifier 3H xiaomi

As I said before, there is also the possibility to control the device from the display through the touch button. To turn it on just click once on the button, while to turn it off you have to hold the same taso for 2 seconds.

When turned on, each “click” will change the operating mode in the following order: Automatic-Night-Fan Level 1-Level 2-Level 3-Manual (the manual level will be the one set on the application). The brightness level of the display can be adjusted, as well as through the app, with a convenient physical button that we will find in the back, there are 2 levels or the ability to keep it off. My advice is to leave it on because, also on the display, we’ll have interesting information about air quality, temperature, humidity, mode of use set, wi-fi connection.

<img src=”//www.w3.org/2000/svg’%20viewBox=’0%200%20300%20214’%3E%3C/svg%3E” data-src=”https://www.xiaomitoday.it/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/IMG_20200927_111847-300×214.jpg” alt=”Purifier 3H xiaomi” width=”300″ height=”214″ />


There is no shortage of possibilities to control our purifier via the voice assistants “Amazon Alexa” and “Google Home”.

Amazon Alexa: as first step you have to add from “skills and games” (in the TAB other) Xiaomi Home that will allow you among other things to control all products of the brand compatible. Then we will have to look for the skill, select it and enable it. At this point we will be asked to login to our Xiaomi account and once inserted we will be notified of the connection.

Now we will have to search for the new device and we will find it in “new devices”. Here we will also be able to change its name and place it in a specific room.

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At this point you can also have fun with voice commands!

MAINTENANCE Purifier 3H xiaomi

The maintenance of our Xiaomi air purifier is reduced to a minimum … the advice is to clean the air intakes and the filter compartment with a vacuum cleaner or a cloth in order to ensure optimal ventilation and purification, and clean the laser dust detection sensor. You will find this part behind protected by a flap under the display brightness adjustment button. The sensor cover latch is located just above the inside of the filter compartment. Push your finger against the latch to remove the cover.

Purifier 3H xiaomi

There is no recommended timeframe for cleaning the lasers and vents, but we will be notified when the filter needs to be replaced. This operation is very simple, just press down slightly and extract the exhausted one and in the same way insert the new one. The replacement of the filter will be notified through the app.


Most of the people I talk to about my awesome Purifier 3H xiaomi have no idea that these products even exist. In fact, even I, before landing in the fantastic world of Xiaomi had never thought of a tool that could guarantee me a better quality of the air we all breathe every day (and I assure you that it is not something to be underestimated). I myself am amazed to see how much it deteriorates as soon as I turn on the pellet stove, the level of PM2.5 spikes quite high, despite making regular daily and annual cleaning of the whole system, including the chimney. So I strongly recommend you to seriously consider, if you use these heating times (wood stoves, pellet stoves, fireplaces, etc.), the purchase of this purifier. To tell the truth I think that with a negligible expense you can protect, regardless of the type of your system, your health and that of your loved ones.

The maintenance of the product is almost nothing and the filter will be replaced only a couple of times a year (with daily use).

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Purifier 3H Xiaomi eleva la qualità dell’aria al TOP (prezzo shock) Purifier 3H Xiaomi eleva la qualità dell’aria al TOP (prezzo shock)

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