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It’s gone a bit under the radar, but in conjunction with the launch of MIX 4, Mi Pad 5 and the Sound speaker, Xiaomi Magic was also unveiled. And no, it’s not a new hardware product, but rather a new standard for streaming audio. Its task is to interconnect all compatible devices and create a network of terminals that can exchange the sound stream smoothly. Whether it’s smartphones, tablets, speakers, headphones or other gadgets that can play music, Xiaomi Magic can connect them all together.

Xiaomi Magic is the new Wi-Fi music streaming system

xiaomi magicxiaomi magic

Xiaomi Magic’s operation doesn’t rely on UWB connectivity, despite the fact that it’s present on all three of the devices it was presented with. Instead, the standard relies on the more popular Wi-Fi connectivity, connecting all compatible devices that are connected to the same wireless internet network. Once you’ve launched the music listening app, you can click on the appropriate button that will appear in the MIUI interface and choose which other device to listen to. In this way, one click will be enough to pass the song being played from the smartphone to the tablet, from the tablet to the smart speaker, from the speaker to the headphones and so on. The button will appear both within the Control Center as well as in the notification bar and lock screen, thus being reachable in multiple ways.

The other advantage of Xiaomi Magic is the ability to synchronize 2 devices to recreate a stereophonic effect, but that’s not all. The standard also allows a sort of Party mode, being able to connect up to 8 devices at the same time and listen to the same track even in different rooms. The control panel also allows you to make various adjustments, including synchronizing the volume controls. As it doesn’t rely on Bluetooth technology, there’s also no problem that if someone receives a phone call, they’ll be able to call you.

can interrupt the sound stream of other devices.

xiaomi magicxiaomi magic

Since this is a novelty presented for China, in addition to the proprietary Mi Music app, Xiaomi Magic’s support includes local services like QQ Music and NetEase Cloud Music. But we can expect that in the future, if it is ever brought to us, it will extend to other services such as Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL and so on. At the moment, then, Xiaomi Magic is only supported by the Xiaomi MIX 4, Mi Pad 5 and Xiaomi Sound, but we expect support to expand over the coming months.

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