That among the many interests of Xiaomi there was also the automotive sector is well known, so as to give birth to a division of the company dedicated to this market, or Xiaomi Motors, but what perhaps has been little emphasized is the fact that the efforts of the company are converging only towards the debut of an electric vehicle.

Okay, every day we see the launch of electric cars but Xiaomi’s will have something revolutionary, as the vehicle will be able to drive itself autonomously. A project, that of autonomous driving, on which Xiaomi Motors is investing economic resources and development, so much so that the same company has published a teaser in which it announces that it already has in its arc, 500 different technologies focused on autonomous driving, hinting that the first vehicle capable of driving itself could arrive sooner than expected.

Xiaomi Motors, the brand’s car division, will focus developments on autonomous driving vehicles

xiaomi motors

But as if that wasn’t enough, Xiaomi Motors has opened recruitment for new members to add to the development team, specifically engineers dedicated to L4 systems. But what does L4 mean? In the world of autonomous driving, this acronym corresponds to high-level automated driving, that is, autonomous driving in which the vehicle is able to make the figure of the driver as such disappear.

So could Xiaomi Motors open the door to the future with the launch of an electric vehicle that is not only economical but also decidedly futuristic, in that it is able to drive itself autonomously using the brand’s technology and sensors? Let’s hope so, as happened with smartphones, hoping that any updates to the car’s software will not involve risks as happened with the Android One program.

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And what do you think? Would you trust a vehicle with autonomous driving or are you traditionalists and prefer to touch the steering wheel and mash the pedals?