If it’s cold outside, why give up physical activity? Xiaomi comes to us with its “Walking Machine”.

Xiaomi Walkingpad Urevo U1

Xiaomi Walkingpad Urevo U1

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walking pad mijia

A simple but advanced tool, a foldable treadmill with a lightweight structure that will allow you to stay in shape without having to go out and catch cold unnecessarily!
Its small size makes it a suitable accessory for every home. In fact, it can be folded completely on itself bringing the overall size from 142x54cm (when open) to 82x54cm with a thickness of 13cm that allows you to store the carpet under a table or a sofa. The aluminum alloy structure contains the weight of only 28kg and the comfortable wheels allow the transport without particular effort. It is not designed to be stored vertically, but it is still possible to place it on a wall or behind a door.

The maximum declared capacity is 90kg and the speed ranges from 0.5km/h to 6km/h. For safety reasons, the maximum speed can only be reached after having completed the introductory tutorial which also describes all the functions.

The walking pad, as well as via the app, can be controlled remotely via a convenient and small remote control that is also equipped with a silicone strap for attachment to the wrist. Through the remote control you can control all functions: power, mode change, speed variation.

The LED display, easy to read and located on the front, shows in English (even in the Chinese version of the product!) all the information of the run

session. Alternately you can read the speed, duration, steps, calories burned and distance traveled.

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Immediately below the display are 3 lights that notify the various states of the device: Standby / Auto Mode / Manual Mode). There is also a light that notifies you of the remote connection with the app.

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Now available the new revamped version, the Walking

Pad A1,C1, R1

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I Tapis Roulant Xiaomi Mijia a partire da 192€ spediti da magazzini Europa! I Tapis Roulant Xiaomi Mijia a partire da 192€ spediti da magazzini Europa!

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