Xiaomi Mi 12 was certified

a few days ago revealing some specifications, but what will it really look like? We still don’t know although it seems that some leakers have decided to run photos of it. Now, we know that the device in question will not come out before 2022, so it is very much in doubt that it is around the first prototype. For this reason we are very inclined not to believe what various sources are putting out there. In any case it is interesting to see what we talk about. Specifically, in recent hours, mock-ups have come out that would portray the cameras of Xiaomi Mi 12. Let’s see them together.

Xiaomi Mi 12 seems to interest Chinese leakers, so much so that the first specifications and camera renders come out. But will it all be true?

Chinese sources have made it known that one of Xiaomi’s executives, who on Weibo answers to the name of Chengdou Wanghua

, has confirmed that the mock-up of Xiaomi Mi 12 that came out recently is nothing but a fake. However, as we anticipated, it’s interesting to understand what the leakers are putting out there since from there we can move to understand what really Xiaomi will integrate on its future flagship. There is

only one thing for sure: Xiaomi Mi 12 will feature Snapdragon 895

. So let’s see what the leaked image brings us. xiaomi mi 12 fa vedere le sue fotocamere: specifiche The resolution of

the lenses (understood as the resolution of the photograph above) is ridiculous, so we are sure that this is not a real image of Xiaomi Mi 12. However, it is interesting to see how they have been provided for a slightly more rectangular photo module than the current generation , as well as a telephoto lens with 5X magnification. Clearly, the leaker states that this is a 5X optical zoom, something that we have not yet seen on Xiaomi devices at present. Moreover, again the source claims that the smartphone will integrate a 192-megapixel photo sensor

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. Previously it was stated that Oppo or realme will be the first to use such a sensor, but perhaps this will not be the case.

That said, as anticipated, it is not the case to trust such information as it has already been debunked. But you, what to expect from Xiaomi Mi 12?

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Xiaomi Mi 12 mostra dal vivo le sue fotocamere, ma occhio alla bufala

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