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There’s no end in sight to the good news for Xiaomi, with Lei Jun’s company quickly climbing the global manufacturer rankings between 2020 and 2021. For the first time in its ten-year history, the creature of Lei Jun and co. has taken the first place in the ranking of sales in the world. A success that comes from growth in various geographical areas, particularly in Europe, where the departure of Huawei has left room for historical rivals. But while Samsung and Apple don’t seem to have managed to capitalize on this retrofront, Chinese companies are rapidly advancing. If you look at our continent, Xiaomi is currently the second manufacturer, a prominent position achieved thanks also to sales in Italy.

Xiaomi, OPPO and Realme take the sales rankings in Italy

As well as on a global scale, the second quarter of 2021 marked Xiaomi’s rise to the top position in Italy for the first time. A remarkable result, if you consider that already going back to the first quarter Xiaomi was several market shares behind Samsung. The data from Canalys for Q2 2021, however, show us a Xiaomi in first place with 35% of our market and a growth of +88%. Direct rival Samsung drops to second place, suffering a hefty -41% which puts it at 22% of the market.

The other noteworthy growth concerns two companies in close, indeed, very close contact: OPPO and Realme. The two companies are respectively at 12% and 5% of the smartphone share in Italy, with important growths of +246% and +1723%. Obviously the growth numbers are so high because we are talking about two companies that until a few months ago did not officially operate here in Italy. But it’s in

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There is no denying that the market trend is rewarding Chinese manufacturers, as evidenced by the -58% that brings Apple to fourth position. Just out of curiosity, take a look at Canalys’ Q1 2020 market results to see how much the market has changed with Huawei’s “farewell”. And there are those in Europe who are starting to worry that the advance of Chinese smartphones could pose a security risk

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