One of Xiaomi’s big business fortunes is the myriad of products it sells in its stores and among them, there is no shortage of gaming mice. As simple and cheap as its name, the Xiaomi Gaming Mouse Lite aims at gamers who don’t want to spend a high price but still want a reliable product.

Update 15/01: Xiaomi’s Lite gaming mouse debuts on AliExpress. Find all the details directly at the end of the article.

Xiaomi Gaming Mouse Lite: all the features

The mouse comes with a very simple style, in pure Xiaomi style, with some references to gaming in the dark gray structure. In the same, however, we find an RGB light very similar to that of Logitech mice of the G series, direct rivals of the product. Being a wired mouse, of course, does not need to be recharged, but gets an interesting IP54 certification.

Moving on to what are the technical features, we have a PixArt sensor, which allows you to reach up to 6,200 DPI, with the ability to set them at will. The return time is at 1,000 Hz, while the response speed is at 1ms. In addition, there is an MCU with 32-bit ARM NXP architecture, for faster processing.

The new Xiaomi Gaming Mouse Lite has recently debuted on the Chinese market at a very attractive price and is now already available for purchase for us Westerners on AliExpress. Below is the dedicated link: if you do not see the box correctly, try to disable AdBlock


AliExpress Standard Shipping 2.2€

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