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Some major manufacturers in recent years have been attracted by a particular market, namely the automotive market. From the house of Cupertino, which more than once seems to have thought of a project of this type, up to Huawei that now seems to have permanently shelved the idea. For Xiaomi, however, things are different: the Chinese company has officially confirmed the arrival of its electric smart car during an event held in March 2021.

Update 28/07: we’re back to talking about Xiaomi’s plan to build its first electric car, this time with the announcement of a massive hiring campaign. You can find all the details directly at the end of the article.

Lei Jun thinks about the future, with the first car of Xiaomi

Although the news of the last few hours are very exciting it is necessary to calm down a moment. At the moment, in fact, there is no certainty of this news. In the sense that, after all, we have no official confirmation about the design of a car in the house Xiaomi. From the latest iFengNews reports, however, it seems that Lei Jun wants to personally lead this project in the future, perhaps making an electric vehicle of his own.

Back in 2013 there was a fruitful meeting between the CEO of Xiaomi and Elon Musk, the patron of Tesla. Here was born a strong interest by Lei Jun towards the automotive world, especially in the prospect of making an electric car one day. Should he ever venture into such a project, quindi, would be an absolute surprise for the market and for the ambitions of the brand.

Good news, but to be taken with caution

xiaomi auto smartxiaomi auto smart

The back-and-forth involving Xiaomi and the project of an alleged smart car continues unabated. This time comes yet another report that takes a more positive stance than what we saw with Xiaomi’s statements dating back to February. Despite Lei Jun denying a project related to this area, the Chinese media continues to push the issue.

The new report cites sources close to the CEO of the Chinese company (even talking about some investors) who would have confirmed the presence of work in progress to make a smart car. That’s not all because it seems that the person in charge of the project is the same Lei Jun. According to the alleged sources, Xiaomi will be entering the medium-high range of the automotive sector, with products that will benefit – obviously – from the company’s tech package.

The rumors continue with an alleged meeting between Lei Jun and the founder of NIO (China’s Tesla); there would also be various partnerships with local car manufacturers, with the likes of BYD. To conclude, the report says that Xiaomi’s smart car project should actually start this month or next month. Will this really be the case? What we’ve read so far is the result of leaks and rumors, so it should be taken with due precautions until an official confirmation from Xiaomi (if it ever comes).

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Xiaomi Auto is reality: the electric vehicle of the brand will be made | Official

Through the official social channels Xiaomi announces the beginning of a new journey for the Chinese brand, this time struggling with its first electric car. According to what we read in the official statement, the house of Lei Jun will launch in the field of electric vehicles: there is no explicit mention of a car but all the clues and rumors collected so far point in this direction. Of course, there’s always the benefit of the doubt and the company could be referring to scooters or electric bikes (although we’re ruling that out). To find out more we’ll have to wait for today’s event, the second part of the mega live event dedicated to Xiaomi’s new products (including the Mi MIX Fold). </pGiven the

rumors that have been chasing each other for months now, it is highly likely that this is the long-awaited Xiaomi Auto, given the size of the investment (they talk about 10 billion dollars over the next 10 years) and the CEO and founder Lei Jun as responsible. Not only that, it seems that the vehicles will also be dedicated to the Global market: in short, it would therefore be a very serious plan to enter this particular sector.

Lei Jun confirms new details about Xiaomi’s first electric car, including price | Update 07/04

xiaomi auto elettricaxiaomi auto elettrica

The mega event in March brought not only top smartphones like Mi 11 Ultra and “alternative” models like Mi MIX Fold

, but also the official confirmation of the future of Xiaomi and its electric smart car. However, the news doesn’t end there, thanks to a series of posts by Lei Jun: the executive revealed some details that could give us an insight into the path taken by the company. First, the CEO has launched a survey on social Weibo, in which he asks users for suggestions on the name of Xiaomi’s first electric vehicle.

As for the release period, we should have something concrete within the next 3 years, as already predicted by previous rumors. In addition, from the various repartee between Lei Jun and fans have emerged other important details: first, the car of Xiaomi will be an SUV or sedan (practically in the style Testla Model X or Y), as pointed out by the CEO himself. This clarification was born from the fact that several Mi Fans would have wanted a sports model and then the executive has kept us to make things clear from the start.

In addition, the price has not yet been defined but the company is aiming at the medium-high range, with a figure around 100,000 and 300,000 yuan, or between € 13,000 and € 37,000 at current exchange rates. Let’s say that the gap is quite large but at least we have an idea of the price range in the sights of the Chinese company.

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Xiaomi Car, Car or Mi Car, what will be the

name? | Update 15/04

xiaomi auto elettrica lei jun progetto ufficiale 15/4xiaomi auto elettrica lei jun progetto ufficiale 15/4

Following the aforementioned survey made by Lei Jun on what should be called the cars of Xiaomi, it is clear that we need to do some ‘clarity about the name of what today we call simply “Xiaomi Cars

“. It has to be said that even this appellation is not at all accidental, as the brand registered the brand as it is even before it made its entry into the automotive industry official, along with the name “Xiaomi Automobile”. Initially it seemed like a precautionary move, but then it became the concrete news we all know.

But it seems that the registered trademarks, which then feed the “toto-name” for the car of Xiaomi, are not at all finished. In fact, there is a request of these hours of the brand “Mi Car”, or rather “Mi Che”(米车)

, for 12 transport vehicles. The brand then also matches a kind of logo that actually would not disfigure at all on a Xiaomi car, registered a few years ago. Moreover, it could also be consistent because it would actually look like any Consumer product of the brand as it can be a Mi 11. Of course, these are assumptions based on these facts, so the question of the “name” should always be taken with pliers.

That’s why Xiaomi made the cars official 3 years earlier | Update 23/04

xiaomi auto elettrica Lei Jun progetto ufficiale 23/4<img width=”1200″ height=”675″ src=”https://gizchina.it/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/xiaomi-auto-elettrica-lei-jun-progetto-ufficiale-23-4.jpg 1200w, https://gizchina.it/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/xiaomi-auto-elettrica-lei-jun-progetto-ufficiale-23-4-300×169.jpg 300w, https://gizchina.it/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/xiaomi-auto-elettrica-lei-jun-progetto-ufficiale-23-4-768×432.jpg 768w, https://gizchina.it/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/xiaomi-auto-elettrica-lei-jun-progetto-ufficiale-23-4-696×392.jpg 696w, https://gizchina.it/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/xiaomi-auto-elettrica-lei-jun-progetto-ufficiale-23-4-1068×601.jpg 1068w, https://gizchina.it/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/xiaomi-auto-elettrica-lei-jun-progetto-ufficiale-23-4-747×420.jpg 747w, https://gizchina.it/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/xiaomi-auto-elettrica-lei-jun-probject-official-23-4-150×84.jpg 150w” alt=”xiaomi electric car Lei Jun official project 23/4″ />In

recent weeks there has been constant talk of cars on Chinese soil, from Huawei increasingly Queen of car software to Xiaomi and its official plans. And it is precisely the latter that have been subject to debate among experts and users, wondering why if production will start no earlier than 3 years, such important announcements have been made.

To try to give an answer was Wang Xiang, president of Xiaomi Group, stating that this policy initiated by Lei Jun is essential to procure in time resources at the global level but especially for the development of the aforementioned car. And the same founder of the brand is certainly not lacking in “friends” with whom to create great automotive solutions. So the rule “prevention is better than cure” can only be good for Xiaomi.

Xiaomi aims high: near the arrival of the Chief Operating Officer of Ford China and NIU? | Update 08/05

xiaomi auto zhu jiang ford niuxiaomi auto zhu jiang ford niu

The “scouting” for the automotive division of Xiaomi begins. In fact, according to the latest rumors in the industry, it seems that Zhu Jiang, former NIU and currently resigned COO of Ford China, as well as responsible for the project for the electric Mustang, would be in talks with Xiaomi, but not only.

For the local industry, a prominent figure like Zhu would be ideal to start a profitable business as Xiaomi aspires, which is no stranger to recruiting elements of a certain name from other giants. Zhu Jiang in the past has held senior roles at BMW, MINI, Lexus but also for the Amazon Kindle division. We’ll have to see how things develop, but Lei Jun is aiming to get off to a good start.

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team expands | Update 15/06It

will be years before we see the launch of Xiaomi’s first electric car, but the project is continuing to take shape. As rumors about the former Ford executive have already suggested, new rumors are coming out of China about the expansion of the team in charge. The company would have opened several positions to recruit employees in various areas of work. Among these are hires for the development of high-precision maps, simulation software, creation of millimeter algorithms and more. All recruitments that will take place in the headquarters in Haidian, in Beijing.

We also learn that Xiaomi has asked to collaborate with Great Wall Motor, the largest car manufacturer in China. But the latter would not have accepted, therefore

to Xiaomi would be preparing to do everything independently.

Xiaomi and SAIC together? Update 12/07

As Xiaomi prepares its team for the car project, CEO Lei Jun has been spotted at the headquarters of several carmakers. After BYD, Great Wall and Wuling, Xiaomi’s boss has been spotted at SAIC Motor (Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation). Part of the “Big 4” of the Chinese industry along with Changan Automobile, FAW Group and Dongfend Motor Corporation, is based in Shanghai and is one of the stages of the path that is taking the founder of Xiaomi.

xiaomi auto lei junxiaomi auto lei jun

As stated by Lei Jun himself, in the last 3 months he has made 85 such visits, thus being able to talk to over 200 industry veterans, attending meetings and obtaining useful information for the aforementioned project. In the case of SAIC, we are talking about a company that is achieving strong success in the world of EV cars, as evidenced by the sales of the Hong Guang Mini EV. Made in collaboration with General Motors, it costs only $4,500 and not surprisingly has surpassed giant Tesla in sales.

Xiaomi hires self-driving technology experts | Update 28/07

xiaomi autoxiaomi auto

Xiaomi Auto is looking to hire 500 experts in the field of autonomous driving technology, for the brand’s automotive division, of course. The poster dedicated to the recruitment campaign is unabashed: Xiaomi intends to create its own self-driving technology, which will debut on board its smart cars.

Unfortunately, there are no other details and everything is still very nebulous. However, it is clear that Xiaomi’s commitment to this new venture is certainly not light: with this news the house of Lei Jun aims high and tries to enter a very special and discussed. Among

By the way, just recently Huawei kicked off its plans for a proprietary self-driving system

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