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After testing the Xiaomi 11T Pro’s cameras

, DxOMark decided to


the audio compartment as well. The device features 360-degree surround sound, which means it lends itself to be one of the best in the field. However, the experts found some black spots in the audio compartment. The team has evaluated several aspects of this smartphone. Let’s go through what are its strengths and non-strengths.

DxOMark also decided to test the audio of the Xiaomi 11T Pro after evaluating its cameras. Really not bad, but it can be improved

The lab specialists decided to touch the “high-quality 360-degree surround sound

and the “unforgettable sound experience

” of the Xiaomi 11T Pro promised by the manufacturer. In fact, the expectations were not disappointed, although there are things to improve. Remember, however, that we are talking about a top of the range, but also a device that does not exceed 650 €


As for the playback of the Xiaomi 11T Pro, experts believe that it is ideal for games, thanks to its good spatial characteristics, sharp and impressive dynamics, as well as excellent volume performance and corresponding volume control. However, according to DxOMark’s conclusion, watching movies and listening to music on a smartphone is not very comfortable due to the lack of bass and “sound brightness”, as well as an inconsistent midrange.

When it comes to recording, the Xiaomi 11T Pro impressed the lab specialists. They commented on “surprisingly consistent performance” in all use cases. Recording is characterized by the absence of audio artifacts, realistic capture, accurate high and mid frequencies, and a natural signal-to-noise ratio. Among the shortcomings, only a slight lack of low frequencies and the presence of a slight distortion in recordings made with high SPL.

According to the

results of numerous tests, the smartphone scored 71 points and placed 16th in the overall smartphone rankings according to DxOMark.

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