Any time is good to spend a good time with your brand new Xbox Series or PlayStation 5, whenever you can, but certainly the night has a special charm, either by darkness, tranquility or because it is the only time when we know we will not be interrupted, the end of the day is the time chosen by many people to turn on your console to disconnect from the world and enjoy the challenge, whatever it is, that has us hooked at that time.

Microsoft is aware of this and, just as the dark mode is gaining presence in Windows, now they have decided to test on your console another function designed to reduce the contrast of brightness between the various elements present in the environment. Excessive light, especially in dark conditions, can be very annoying. Just look, for example, at how annoying a TV’s status LED can be in a darkened room.

With this in mind, Microsoft has published the alpha 2109.210804-2200 in the Skip-Ahead channel for Xbox Insiders, and in it is already possible to find this night mode that, as we can read in the notes of the same, dims the intensity of the LED lights of the controller and the Xbox itself. In addition, this mode will also allow you to dim the brightness of the screen and apply a software filtering aimed at reducing the amount of blue light that, as you know, tends to generate eyestrain.

Xbox empieza a probar un modo nocturno

Additionally, with night mode the Xbox will also disable HDR image enhancement, a technique that makes images much more vivid and contrast-rich, but can be annoying in dark environments if the images being displayed are very bright or have particularly vivid colors.

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A very interesting aspect of this new feature for Xbox is that it can be activated manually, but it will also be possible to configure the Xbox to turn on and off automatically at the time we specify. This way we won’t have to worry about activating it. And is that it may seem silly, but it is very likely that if we are quite immersed in the game, it will take a while to realize it. that it’s not active, and we’re likely to get a reminder when the view starts to bother us.

There’s no expected date for this feature to reach all Xbox users, and since it’s only in the Alpha Skip-Ahead ring at the moment, it’s likely to take a few months yet. Hopefully, for the sake of your users’ eyesight in the northern hemisphere, it will have already been tested and released sometime in November, when the days are already so short that it feels like it’s practically always nighttime.