For some time now we’ve been witnessing an invasion of new robot vacuum cleaners, more or less equipped with features, but all with the common interest of facilitating household cleaning for the end user, who is increasingly committed to a life outside the home.

Xiaomi we know to be a leader in this market, often entrusting the success of its products to companies that gravitate to its ecosystem, such as Roborock, Dreame, Roidmi and many others, but could not continue to watch (and cash) and then here is that a few hours has popped up on the crowdfunding platform of the brand, aka Youpin, the new Mijia Dust Collecting Sweeping Robot, which boasts one of the latest innovations of this period, which is the automatic emptying of dirt collected.

Mijia Dust Collecting Sweeping Robot

According to what the company says, the Mijia robot can automatically empty its dirt tank for 45 continuous days, without you having to do anything and especially dirty your hands. In practice you will change the bag contained in the emptying base, which also serves as a refill, only 8 times a year.

With the new Mijia Dust Collecting Sweeping Robot you will empty the dirt tank only 8 times a year.

Mijia Dust Collecting Sweeping Robot

Mijia Dust Collecting Sweeping Robot offers a suction airflow of 16500 Pa while the dirt collection bag is 4 liters, moreover marked by an antibacterial treatment that can eliminate any bad odors for the persistence of dust and dirt in general inside it.

Apparently there is no system for washing the floors, but no harm done as this function generally has the purpose of a refresh rather than real cleaning, and in this way the company has focused mainly on cleaning algorithms, where we also find the ability to avoid obstacles based on a 3D system, as well as an efficient suction program dedicated to pet hair.

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Mijia Dust Collecting Sweeping Robot

Of course, there is no lack of support for the Mi Home application. At the moment the purchase requires 2499 yuan, or about 325 euros, a price destined to rise to 2999 yuan, which corresponds to about 391 euros, once the fundraising campaign is over. Clicking on the source you will have the link to the page of Youpin for more details but we hope as soon as possible to tell you ours on this product.

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Con il nuovo Mijia Dust Collecting Sweeping Robot svuoterete il serbatoio dello sporco solo 8 volte l’anno

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