After having renewed its offer of monitoring headphones, Beyerdynamic is now adding to its MMX range. The new 100 and 150 models join the excellent MMX 300 with the mission of seducing a wider range of players.

After many years of going it alone, the excellent and expensive MMX 300 is now joined by two “entry-level” models: the MMX 100 and MMX 150. Beyerdynamic is looking to broaden its clientele by offering more affordable and plug & play headphones, while remaining comfortable and above all performing, according to the German manufacturer. The two newcomers share a large part of their design with a slightly modernized and apparently more sober design than the MMX 300. The ear cups are still in a closed circum-auricular format, while the suede pads give way to the very conventional leatherette, also used on the headband with aluminum base.

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Very similar in appearance, the MMX 100 and MMX 150 still differ in a few aspects. The former only offers analogue connection solutions via 3.5mm mini-jack (with a single four-point cable or two three-point cables), while the latter can also connect directly via USB. It’s not clear whether such connectivity comes with a software suite and various PC-based customization options. What we do know is that it allows the MMX 150 to offer Augmented Mode. Behind this curious name hides in reality a simple mode of listening to the surrounding noises, as can be found in nomadic headphones/earphones, which makes it possible to free oneself from a part of the phonic isolation naturally provided by the headphones in order to better perceive the surrounding sounds. This specificity is nothing new, but it remains very rare in the gaming headset market.

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Volume control and microphone on/off are done directly on the headset. Beyerdynamic

The two companions are both based on a pair of 40mm dynamic speakers capable, we are promised, of delivering excellent reproduction of the sound scene, as well as a brand new static microphone called Meta Voice. The latter consists of a 9.9mm cardioid capsule and obviously guarantees first-rate voice pickup quality, which we’ll be sure to check out if one of the models lands in our hands.ains.

The MMX 100 and MMX150 are available now for €99 and €129 respectively. They are available in two different colours: grey or black.