You have certainly heard about Project Pegasus. Denounced by an international coalition of 17 media, led by Forbidden Stories and Amnesty International, the abuses of the software published by the company NSO are revealed day by day.

To learn more about this case, I invite you to read our detailed article which includes all the elements. The Pegasus Project has notably impacted the legendary security of the iPhone, oversold by Apple. The investigation which lasted more than 6 months revealed that the phones of the Apple brand would not be as secure as we want to make believe. Yet the Cupertino firm does not hesitate to hammer out messages of this type: “We identify and fix the vast majority of potential vulnerabilities before our products are even in use. No other company does this better.

The iPhone, still as secure?

Quickly, after the tragic announcements for the marketing strategy implemented by Apple, the company reacted by explaining that despite the magnitude of this case, the iPhone remains the most secure smartphone in the world. This argument, widely put forward by the Cupertino firm, allows it to crush the competition.

To maintain this advantage, Apple has been quick to unveil an update to macOS, iOS, and iPadOS. While macOS 11.5.1, iOS 14.7.1, and iPadOS 14.7.1, appear to make minor changes to your devices, they actually fix a security flaw that was allegedly used in the Pegasus case. This update is therefore highly recommended. To do so, simply follow the usual steps for updates: Settings > General > Software Update for iOS and iPadOS, and > System Preferences > Software Update on Mac.

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