To make life easier for its users, Spotify is adding a new discovery feed of all the new music from the artists or podcasters they follow on the platform.

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Every day, over 50,000 hours of content are added to Spotify’s catalogue. This makes it hard to keep up with the latest content from your favourite artists and content creators, whether it’s songs, albums or podcasts. That’s why Spotify has announced the addition of What’s New, a new personalised content feed featuring all the releases from artists and shows that users follow.

Follow Tinkerbell

Accessing it will be as simple as following a new bell-shaped icon in the app’s interface, which will appear alongside the icons leading to settings and recent plays. The feature is still being rolled out, so it’s not yet available to everyone. And as this new feed is updated in real time, it also allows you to be notified immediately when an artist, band or podcast is released. A small blue dot will inform users of new releases since their last visit.

As you can see, to enrich this What’s New feed, you just have to think about “following” (via the appropriate button) your favorite artists and other content creators. The rollout of this feature will take place “in the coming weeks” on both Android and iOS.

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