A minute goes by very quickly, but on the Internet, a minute is also very long. In just sixty seconds, millions of comments, messages, photos, and videos are posted or exchanged online. The amount of information present is increasing year after year and a survey conducted by the site AllAccess and relayed by Statista is precisely there to convince us.

69 million messages are sent on WhatsApp and Messenger

For the year 2021, we can thus see that 500 hours of programming are added to YouTube every minute. Similarly, two million swipes are recorded on Tinder, while e-commerce records 1.36 million dollars of spending.

Social networks are not left behind and in sixty seconds, 9132 connections are counted on LinkedIn while 695 000 stories are shared on Instagram, and the TikTok application is downloaded 5000 times. Finally, 200,000 tweets were counted.

Emails were thought to be on the decline, but they are still very much in use, with no less than 197.6 million emails being sent every minute. As expected, the instant messengers WhatsApp and Messenger are not left behind with 69 million messages sent.

Back in 2014, DOMO published an infographic that listed the information shared every minute on the internet. The data is interesting to compare and shows how much the web has changed in just a few years. For example, Internet users were sending 204 million emails and we can see that this number is decreasing in 2021.

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On the other hand, YouTube used to record only 72 hours of video every sixty seconds, which is much less than today. On Tinder, there were only 416,000 swipes. Instagram did not yet offer the Stories format and its users posted only 216,000 photos every minute. It was also noted that 347,000 photos were sent at the same time on WhatsApp. As for the social network TikTok, it would only be launched two years later and become a huge success.