The lighting of a space plays an important role when it comes to creating an environment, as it allows to highlight a style and its decoration. There is an infinity of lamp designs when we are looking for a type of lighting. Therefore, in this guide we are going to introduce you to the wall lamp.

Choosing a lamp for each space in our home is not a simple process, it will be subject to the tastes and needs of each user. That’s why we have prepared this complete guide so that you have all the necessary information about wall lamps, from its functionality, types, benefits and much more. Shall we start?

The most important thing

  • The wall lamp is a type of lighting that, in addition to being functional, is widely used by users to decorate spaces. There are many designs, materials and colors on the market.
  • When choosing a model you have to take into account the function, the space and the style of decoration. The choice of bulb is also important, as it defines the type of lighting, colour and energy consumption.
  • To choose the ideal lamp, we recommend you read our complete guide. Here you can get advice on the most important factors when choosing a type of lighting.

The best wall lamps: Our recommendations

There is a wide variety of wall lamps. Some models are very specific and others are more versatile. Below, we’ve put together a list of the 5 best wall lamps to simplify your choice.

The wall lamp with the best value for money

This model is characterized by being sturdy, as it is made of frosted acrylic and aluminum. It has LED strips at the top, so it provides bright light upwards, but also downwards. This lamp has eye protection.

It has an ideal size of 29 x 11 x 4.7cm, is energy saving and easy to install. Users highly recommend it for the soft lighting it emanates, allowing you to achieve a warm and cozy space.

The best LED wall lamp

This wall lamp has many features that differentiate it from the other variants. It has a high luminous efficiency, provides a soft light and illuminates both upwards and downwards. It is made of metal with an innovative technology that makes it durable and vibration resistant.

They come in two 16 W units, which are not dimmable. On the other hand, these lamps are easy to install. If you are looking for an elegant and functional model for the dining room, bedroom or hallway, and that also consumes little energy, this product is ideal for you.

The best wall lamp according to onlineusers

This model is made of ceramic plaster, so it is a durable product. It also has a modern design that is easy to install. It is a small lamp measuring 20 × 8.5 × 11.5cm and has an LED bulb that provides a warm white light.

In addition to the lamp and bulb, a mounting accessory kit is included. It is CE and ROHS certified for safety. Users highly recommend it for bedrooms, corridors, stairs, among others.

other spaces.

Best Adjustable Wall Light

This wall light is one of the most demanded wall lights. It is made of aluminum, corrosion resistant, high efficiency, eco-friendly and does not generate UV and IR radiation. It is energy saving. On the other hand, the maximum power can reach 12W and the lifespan is about 50,000 hours. It is easy to assemble thanks to the guide that comes with it and is backed with CE and IR certification.

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The great advantage of this model is that it comes with 8 units to distribute around your home, both indoors and outdoors. In addition, this lamp is accompanied by a modern and elegant design. It also allows you to adjust the focus of the lighting as many times as you want according to your needs.

Shopping guide: What you need to know about the wall lamp

Before you go ahead with the purchase of a wall lamp, we recommend that you do as much research as possible to find the best option for you. For this reason, we have gathered all the questions that users ask when buying this product.

cambiando bombillo de lampara de pared cambiando bombillo de lampara de pared Unlike other types of lamps, the wall lamp allows us to save space thanks to its practical and functional designs. (Source: grigvovan: 53455048/ 123rf)

Why buy a wall lamp?

The wall lamp is one of the star products when we are creating an environment. It is a product with a long lifespan, so it is worth spending time to choose one. They come in countless designs, materials and colors, so it is possible to choose a lamp that meets all our needs.

The wall lamp is characterized by illuminating spaces or an object, such as a painting. It can be suitable for outdoors as well as indoors. There are many formats, materials, sizes and colours on the market. In addition to the design, we can choose what type of light we want it to emit. The lighting can be directed, diffused or vary in color and temperature.

What are the advantages of the wall lamp?

Wall lamps are essential in any space to have the desired lighting. It is also an ideal product as it does not take up space, unlike a floor lamp. Below, te present the main advantages and disadvantages of the wall lamp so that you know it in greater depth and you have no doubts.


  • Do not take up space
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Durability
  • Easy to maintain
  • Lots of variety
  • Focused light


  • Cannot be moved easily
  • Generate heat
  • Requires knowledge of electricity for installation

How do you place a wall sconce?

In most cases, wall sconces are small in size to provide focused light. As mentioned above, many users use them to highlight an object, wall or simply to perform a specific task such as reading.

As for its installation, you need to have a minimum knowledge of electronics. We mention two options for you to choose the one that is easier for you


  • With clamps: This system allows you to attach the lamp directly to any type of material.
  • Screwed to the wall: This system is the most common and most used by users.

What is the difference between indoor and outdoor wall lamp?

Despite the variety of wall lamp models and bulb types, we can’t fail to mention the differences between an indoor and outdoor wall light. The two main characteristics to take into account are waterproof and weather resistance.

Many users use outdoor lamps inside a room because they like a certain model or their specific type of lighting. It should be noted that, conversely, this decision can be very dangerous, since, for example, indoor lamps do not have a rubber gasket that prevents water from entering.

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What type of lighting is there for the wall lamp?

Lighting is essential in our daily lives. We mention the main types of lighting and their characteristics so that you can make the most of the light you choose to install in every room.

  • General light: All the rooms in our home need this type of light. Generally, it is a high-powered light located in the upper part of a room. It is useful to get an overview.
  • Ambient light: It is that light strategically installed to create an aesthetic corner. To achieve this, most users use small wall lamps or often illuminate from the floor.
  • Decorative lighting: This type of lighting is aesthetic in nature. Increasingly, users incorporate decorative lighting in their environments. It is often used to decorate an empty wall, highlight an object or simply bring focus to a corner.
  • Exposure light: This type of light is what we see in an exhibition of objects, for example, in art shows. They are not only very functional when it comes to illuminate, but also provide an elegant style.
  • Focused light: This type of light is used a lot when you are looking to illuminate something specific. It is not usually used when it is required to illuminate the entire environment. Many users use it to read a book for example.

How to choose a bulb for the wall lamp?

It is not only necessary to pay attention to the wall lamp model. It is also important to choose a bulb that illuminates according to our need. You should keep in mind that not all types of bulbs are going to work for you. To select the ideal bulb you have to consider some details:

  • Thread type
  • Power
  • Watts
  • Shape
  • Power consumption
  • Colour

If you are used to using warm bulbs and you buy a cold one, you are going to notice quite a difference. Also if you have several bulbs in the same space. Make sure they are all the same color so that the lighting is uniform.

lamapra de pared lamapra de pared Choosing the ideal wall lamp allows you to have a good lighting and give style to your environments (Source: Pixabay: 276514/pexels)

What are the alternatives to the wall lamp?

Although wall lamps are very popular and practical to illuminate and decorate, there are other alternatives. We mention the options most used by users for you to be informed and consider when illuminating different spaces.

  • Floor lamp: they are widely used to decorate certain corners, in addition to illuminate the space. Generally, the floor lamp with a warm bulb is used. They take up space unlike wall or ceiling lamps.
  • Ceiling lamp: These models offer general lighting, do not take up space and come in a myriad of materials, models and colors.
  • Desk lamp: This type of model offers a more focused light. They come in different colors and designs. They take up space on a desk and are often used for reading, writing or using the computer.

Buying criteria

To find the perfect wall lamp is important that you learn about the important aspects of this type of product. To help you make the best choice, we’ve put together a list of the most important buying criteria.

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Wall lamps come in a wide variety of designs. Defining one is not an easy task, as you have to take into account the materials, colours and shapes that will influence the style of a space. We inform you about the three market trends to choose a lamp design


  • Modern: In recent years many users have moved away from the classic style to bring a modern touch to their homes. This style is represented by the simplest wall lamps with predominantly white and cream colors, creating elegant, functional and current spaces.
  • Industrial: This style is a trend in the market in recent years. In most of the cases, its lamps of pared are characterized by being made of metal or iron, as well as wood and veneer.
  • Rustic: This design is chosen to create a more natural atmosphere. The wall lamps are mainly made of wood with iron details. The lighting is warm, creating a space that transmits harmony and comfort.

lampara de pared lampara de pared In this guide we have discussed the main features, functions and models on the market. (Source: Tamara Bellis: 101223708/ 123rf)

Type of bulb

It is not only important to choose a functional and aesthetic wall lamp design, the bulb plays a fundamental role in defining the lighting of spaces. Therefore, we present you the 3 most important models and their basic characteristics.

ECO Halogen Bulbs Fluocompact Bulbs LED Bulbs
Low consumption Energy saving Low consumption
Life 2000 hours Life between 6000 and 10000 hours Duration 50,000 hours
Instant on Progressive ignition Instant on

Energy consumption

To achieve the desired lighting it is necessary to take into account the need for light that each space has. For this reason, it is not possible to consider the same light power for the whole home, as not all rooms have the same utility.

On the product’s energy label you can see the energy consumption in kWh per 1,000-hour period. Today, the bulbs that stand out the most for their low energy consumption are LEDs. This type of bulb is the most widely used, when it comes to illuminating different spaces, for its functionality and energy savings.


Choosing the ideal design of a wall lamp involves taking the time to learn about the product. Since it is going to accompany us for a long time. The lifespan of the lamp will be influenced by certain factors, such as maintenance, installation, type of use and electrical problems, among others.

Undoubtedly, it is worth investing time and money in a wall lamp that meets our expectations and allows us to achieve the desired decoration.


In conclusion, finding the best wall sconce involves dedicating time and energy to the search process. This is due to the infinity of models, materials and colors that exist in the market. Not only do you have to decide on the lamp design, but also on the type of bulb. To achieve the desired lighting you need to evaluate the power, energy consumption and colour.

In this guide we have discussed the main features, functions and models on the market so you can make the best decision. It is worth taking the time to be informed, as it is a functional product that will accompany us for a long period of time.

(Featured Image Source: rosipro: 36903525/ 123rf)