Xiaomi Youpin C1 Fitness Foldable Treadmill for £220
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Winter is definitely the worst season for everyone who, like me, loves to walk and run. Often our commitments lead us to spend the day between work and family and what little time we manage to carve out is in the evening, when it’s already dark. Not to mention the cold weather, rain, etc. But movement remains fundamental for our physique, so we can’t think of giving it up 4/5 months a year. That’s why the product that we propose today is really a best buy (even compared to the price of this offer) for all those who want to maintain good habits, perhaps even in the living room. Here is the beautiful and functional treadmill by Xiaomi, the Walking Pad C1.

Xiaomi Walkingpad C1 – Design

The walkingpad C1 comes with a new aluminum alloy frame, unlike the previous A1 model where most of the body was made of polycarbonate. This choice allowed to significantly reduce the already small size both when open and folded (0.45sqm).

The weight and robustness have also benefited: the maximum load capacity is now 110kg and the overall weight has been reduced by 6kg.

The Walkingpad C1 can therefore be folded, almost halving its size, and thanks to its wheels it can be moved without any particular effort. It can be stored vertically behind a door/curtain or horizontally under your sofa.

Xiaomi Walkingpad C1 – How it works

The motor that powers the walkingpad delivers a power of 746W and according to tests by Xiaomi, consumes about 0.325 kWh per hour at a maximum speed of 6 km / h, so in 3 hours about 1 kWh.

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The carpet on which we walk is made with a multilayer technology that provides fundamental characteristics: the first layer is shock-absorbing, the second is smooth to ensure uniformity, the third reduces friction, the fourth is robust and resistant to wear being in contact with mechanical parts.

The operation of the new C1 model is exactly the same as the previous C1. There are two activation modes: manual or automatic.

In manual mode we can use the remote control or the app to adjust the speed from 0.5km/h to 6km/h, which corresponds approximately to a fast walk or a light jog, depending on how long your step is.

Walking pad C1

In automatic will instead be the carpet, through the sensors placed under the carpet, to “understand” your gait and adjust the speed accordingly.

Through the supplied remote control you can control all the functions of the device

Start the tape, increase and decrease speed, alternate between automatic and manual modes. The remote control also incorporates a large display that alternates between displaying the status of your running workout: calories, distance, time and current speed.

Xiaomi Walking pad C1 – App companion

Like the previous model, the walking pad C1 is equipped with a Bluetooth connection that allows interaction with our smartphone. The application, fully translated into Italian, can be downloaded directly from the playstore at this address: Walkingpad

App Through the app you can control all the functions and use the phone as a remote control. There is a history of the training sessions even if I found an anomalous behavior: you have to synchronize the app (just open it and connect) before removing power from the mat, otherwise the current session will not be stored on the app.

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The app is especially necessary for some operations and customizations, many of which are essential for the first startup


  • Firmware update
  • Lens setting (distance/time/calories)
  • Adjusting the sensitivity of the automatic mode
  • Maximum speed adjustment
  • Activating child lock
  • Tape calibration, rare but sometimes necessary. Just follow the on-screen tutorial and use the supplied key.

Walking pad C1- Offers

But we come to one of the key aspects, the price! The list price is around 400€ but today you’ll have the chance to buy it at the lowest price ever seen online with the plus, not indifferent, of the shipment that will be from Italy/Europe warehouse (1-2 days delivery). So if you are interested the advice is always to proceed immediately to purchase. Payment can be made via PayPal!

Today we have on offer also its successor, the WalkingPad C2! Good improvements and a price that remains affordable.

Xiaomi Youpin C1 Fitness Foldable Treadmill for £220
Coupon: WKPADC1Z
Buy https://xiaomi.today/3mWM0Xb

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Xiaomi WalkingPad C2 Fitness Foldable Treadmill at 314€
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