Composed of sporty mountain bikes intended for trail and enduro, the Saturday range of the Vosges manufacturer Moustache also includes a few more wise and versatile models intended for touring. Among them, the Weekend 27 FS Dual intends to keep the playful side that characterizes these electrically assisted bikes by offering the possibility to ride longer thanks to the combination of two batteries. A second 500 Wh battery is mounted on the down tube of the bike and complements the 625 Wh battery built into the frame. According to Moustache, this total capacity of 1125 Wh should allow you to ride for a whole weekend without having to recharge your batteries, to get away without fear of having to return home on your own.

An opportunity promised to adventurers who can afford it, since the basic version of the Samedi Weekend 27 FS Dual costs no less than €6599, or €1300 more than the Samedi 27 Wide 6 and Samedi 29 Trail 4 – the two most comparable bikes in the Samedi range in terms of equipment. This is justified by the integration of the second battery, of course, but also by the presence of a Bosch Nyon on-board computer with a color touch screen and integrated GPS. The equipped version, named Samedi Weekend 27 FS Dual EQ, is sold for 200 € more and adds mudguards, luggage rack, kickstand and front/rear lighting. This version will probably be preferred for multi-day trips or simply for the comfort of riding in all weathers and with luggage.

With such a price, does the Weekend 27 FS Dual really offer value for money? This is what we wanted to find out during a rather wet trip in the Vosges mountains. An ideal situation to get a good idea of the specificities of such a bike.

As a good bike from the Samedi range, the Weekend 27 FS Dual is a pure mountain bike. If it looks like the Samedi 27 Trail, its geometry is actually inspired by the Samedi 27 Wide, more accessible and comfort-oriented. Its horizontal tube is especially higher and longer at its junction with the head tube, so as to provide a little more room for the second battery.

<!–[if IE 9]><!–[if IE 9]> Le Moustache Samedi Weekend 27 FS Dual.

Le Moustache Saturday Weekend 27 FS Dual.

The riding position is also a bit more upright and the seat angle more open to encourage pedaling and simplify riding. This doesn’t prevent it from being very capable and ready to tackle rough roads and downhills, as long as you don’t turn into an enduro. With 130 mm of travel at the front and 120 mm at the rear, this is not the program of such a bike which is intended more for hiking and trail riding.

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The Saturday Weekend 27 FS Dual is above all easy and comfortable to ride.The bike is very comfortable and that’s the first feeling you get when riding it. Despite its straight handlebars, it doesn’t impose a too dynamic position that could be tiring after several hours. Still, you shouldn’t expect to find the very upright position you’d take on a Samedi 27 Xroad with curved handlebars, but this one proves to be much more all-terrain than all-road, and you wouldn’t really consider going on a mountain adventure on it.

<!–[if IE 9]><!–[if IE 9]> Une fourche RockShox 35 Gold RL et de larges pneus 27,5+.

A RockShox 35 Gold RL fork and wide 27.5+ tires.

As its name suggests, the 27 FS Dual is equipped with 27.5″ wheels and wide Maxxis Rekon tires (2.6″). A choice made to keep a certain agility and better support the weight of a potentially heavy bike. Especially since the Weekend 27 FS Dual weighs more than 27 kg and can’t afford to lack handling. With such tires, the bike is very comfortable and can count on the RockShox 35 Gold RL fork to handle any obstacle in its path. At the rear, the Magic Grip Control suspension with 120 mm of travel also adds to the comfort of the bike, and is responsive enough to keep the bike from being too slippery. However, we didn’t get to ride an EQ version with a loaded pannier, so we can only testify to its behavior with our own weight (85 kg with backpack and gear).

<!–[if IE 9]><!–[if IE 9]> L'amortisseur arrière Magic Grip Control développé en interne.

The rear Magic Grip Control shock developed in-house.

The saddle offers good comfort (for a mountain bike saddle, that is). It is mounted on a telescopic seatpost that allows you to easily adjust its height to be better positioned when riding downhill, but also when riding uphill when you need to put your weight on the rear wheel to take advantage of the electric motor’s power.

Since we’re talking about a mountain bike, we won’t punish the Weekend 27 FS Dual for its lack of equipment, especially since the EQ version has everything you need for touring or road riding. Its aluminum fenders are very rigid, its kickstand holds the bike well and its luggage rack is both sturdy and relatively discreet, while offering MIK HD and Ortlieb QL3 compatibility to install panniers and accessories. The EQ version’s lighting is not to be outdone, with the rear light nicely integrated into the fender and the Supernova headlight – the same as on the Saturday 27 Xroad FS 7 – offering a nice power.

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The Saturday Weekend 27 FS Dual is an easy-to-ride ATV. It quickly gives you confidence and you quickly feel at ease on it. At first, we were worried that its weight would be a handicap, but Moustache’s engineers managed to lower its center of gravity enough so that it would not be too noticeable. The PowerPack battery placed on the top of the downtube remains well centered and doesn’t unbalance the bike despite its rather high position. We didn’t suffer from it in any case, including on steep, technical climbs where we might have feared it would contribute to dragging our mount backwards.

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Nevertheless, the weight of the bike is felt on the climbs. The Shimano Deore 12-speed drivetrain (34 x 10-51) offers a good development range and a small gear ratio for tackling the steepest of climbs. Combined with the high-performance Bosch Performance Line CX engine and its 85 Nm of maximum torque, you’re sure to be able to climb just about anywhere. The assistance provided by this engine is as pleasant as ever and is both natural and powerful.

However, we quickly forget the first Eco mode as soon as the slope arrives to switch to the Magic Tour mode specific to Moustache ATVs. Replacing the classic Tour mode, this one is inspired by the automatic eMTB mode we’ve already seen on other ATVs with identical engines, but varies the assistance between Eco and Turbo modes rather than between Tour and Turbo modes. The assistance range automatically varies between +60% and +320% (instead of starting at +140%), leaving us with much more pedal pressure. Those who find the eMTB mode too generous will appreciate this.

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During our test ride, we juggled mostly between this Magic Tour mode and the eMTB mode, occasionally switching to Turbo for the steepest climbs. The eMTB mode is still our preference to take advantage of the more direct relaunching in the technical passages with this rather heavy bike, but the rest of the time the Magic Tour allows to find sensations closer to those we would have with a non-electric mountain bike. It also allows to better preserve the autonomy and thus makes sense if you have planned a long route.

<!–[if IE 9]><!–[if IE 9]> Le freinage est efficace grâce aux étriers à 4 pistons (Shimano M6120) et aux disques de 203 mm à l'avant comme à l'arrière.

Braking is efficient thanks to 4-piston calipers (Shimano M6120) and 203 mm discs at the front and rear.

The Nyon on-board computer uses a colour code to indicate whether the assistance mode you are using will allow you toIt’s a good idea to know how to manage your autonomy and how to get to the finish line, or if you should prefer a more economical mode. Useful for knowing how to manage your autonomy. However, we advise you to anticipate by visualising the route beforehand to know which assistance mode to use first. Even with two batteries, energy management remains essential on an electrically assisted bike and it’s better to know what you’re getting into before you set off.

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<!–[if IE 9]><!–[if IE 9]> L'ordinateur de bord Bosch Nyon.

The Bosch Nyon onboard computer.

In any case, we greatly appreciated this Nyon, which makes sense on a bike intended for long-distance riding. The integration with the bike is well thought out and it is very practical to be able to see all the information on a single screen. As an optional extra, the motor is disabled when the trip computer is unhooked from its mount, providing additional security against theft.

<!–[if IE 9]><!–[if IE 9]> Le Nyon peut être retiré pour éviter le vol.

The Nyon can be removed to prevent theft.

With 1125 Wh of energy, the combination of the two batteries of the Saturday Weekend 27 FS Dual offers enough to cover a lot of distance and hills without having to worry too much about it. However, be careful not to overestimate the power of the battery when roaming, because if a day trip will not be a problem , you will have to calculate the cost to go to the mountains during a whole weekend without power supply.

During our test, we rode 61 km with more than 1300 m of positive altitude difference. We still had 40% of autonomy left at the end of our trip, which means that we could have exceeded 100 km and 2000 m of D+ if we had been able to continue at the same pace (using the Magic Tour mode half of the time and the other half the eMTB mode). Not necessarily enough to ride from morning to night for two full days if you can’t find any power outlets to refuel, but still enough to enjoy a nice ride for a weekend.

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If you manage to recharge your bike at least once, you can enjoy a certain peace of mind, especially since Moustache delivers its bike with a 6 A fast charger capable of filling half of the two batteries of this 27 FS Dual in about 2 h 30 min. You can also take advantage of the PowerStation charging stations that Bosch continues to install in hilly tourist areas.s.