Volkswagen is launching a third city SUV. The Taigo, a European version of a model sold in the Brazilian market, features an SUV coupe body style popularized by premium brands.

In order to gain the largest possible market share in the popular city SUV segment, Volkswagen has split its offering into two vehicles. The T-Cross is one of the shortest models in the segment, at 4.11 m long, while the T-Roc, at 4.23 m long, is more family-oriented.

These two models are now joined by a third city SUV in the Volkswagen range. This is the Taigo, an SUV coupe already known as the Nivus in Brazil, renamed in the tradition of the T-shaped names of the brand’s SUVs on the Old Continent. This body style has been popularized by premium models, but has now made its way to the ranges of generalist manufacturers, such as Renault and its Arkana.

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The Taigo’s headlamps are all LED as standard.


The Taigo is 4.26 m long. That makes it bigger than the T-Roc, but it takes the MQB A0 platform from the Polo and T-Cross.

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The Taigo relies on its atypical styling to attract.


Less cubic than a T-Cross, but taller than a Polo, the Taigo stands out above all for its receding roofline, typical of coupe SUVs.

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A strip of light runs along the tailgate.


The interior is fairly similar to the Polo and T-Cross.

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Coloured decorative inserts are available, but more conventional interior ambiences are also offered.


The Taigo features the Digital Cockpit with an 8″ screen as standard (Digital Cockpit Pro with a 10.25″ screen is optional). For the central screen, three different systems are offered, with screens ranging from 6.5″ to 9.2″.

ContrairLike the T-Roc, the Taigo does not offer a sliding rear seat. It does, however, boast a generous boot space of 438 litres.

A number of driving aids are offered, including IQ.DRIVE Travel Assist, a Level 2 autonomous driving system.

Gasoline or nothing

As for the engines, there is no hybridization under the hood of the Taigo. The range is exclusively petrol, with a three-cylinder 1.0 TSI with 95 or 110 hp and a four-cylinder 1.5 TSI with 150 hp. The 110 hp version offers the DSG7 gearbox as an option; this transmission is standard on the 150 hp TSI.

The Taigo is expected in France towards the end of 2021 and will be assembled in Spain, alongside the T-Cross. Its price is not yet known.