If you need a USB microphone to significantly improve the quality of video calls and video conferencing work, do not miss the offer on Ugreen 10934 that is currently offered at a discount to 21.59 euros.

This microphone has a rod that allows you to keep it raised from the ground about 20 centimeters, so you can have it at the height of the mouth when you are sitting and you are working on your PC from a desk, also the head is adjustable by 60 degrees so you can adjust and direct it to the mouth according to the person who sits in front of you or instead of sitting is talking standing.

It integrates a DSP processor that improves processing power and consequently sound quality, offering high fidelity and thus being particularly useful for recordings. But above all it is a microphone designed to be used primarily in online conferences, during DAD classes, for live streaming and situations of this kind, especially since it works on any Mac computer, Windows (7, 8.1 and 10), Linux and other UNIX environments, to work does not require the installation of any driver and the USB cable is already provided.

Another peculiarity of this product is in the base, reinforced by two metal blocks that ensure high stability, in combination with four rubber feet that prevent it from shaking, slipping or falling when touched. The entire surface of the microphone is also coated with a layer of zinc that gives it a matte effect, but above all slows down oxidation, improving its durability.

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To top it off, it has an easy-to-access “Mute” button (it is located in the center of the base), letting you temporarily mute the microphone during a call. This is very useful because it allows you to maintain a certain level of privacy if you are in front of the computer and you suddenly have to answer a phone call but do not want to interrupt the video call, or if another person enters the room with whom you need to talk.

For those interested in buying we point out that you can buy it on Amazon at 35.99 euros but by entering the code UGR10934 in the cart before buying the price drops to 21.59 euros. Shipping is handled by Amazon.