We all know what a lamp is. However, nowadays, many models come with a charger and USB ports. These are used to connect other devices and charge them, such as a mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

These lamps can be of different types, depending on where they are going to be used or positioned (table, wall or desk, for example). When choosing a lamp with USB charger it is important that you consider certain aspects. We’ll talk about them in our article, so don’t miss it!

The most important thing

  • First you need to know what you want or need to buy a lamp with USB charger for. Then you will be able to distinguish the model and the important criteria to take into account.
  • LED light is the most widely used light bulb nowadays because of its low energy consumption. Also because of its environmental friendliness and low electrical hazards.
  • When buying a lamp with USB charger, you should take into account certain fundamental criteria. We will tell you about them at the end of our guide.

The best lamps with USB charger on the market: Our recommendations

In the following section, we are going to present our selection of several lamps with USB charger according to different criteria or uses you can give them. With this ranking we hope you will find your ideal model!

The best lamp with USB charger for desk

It has different lighting modes and LED light brightness, as well as a neck that rotates up to 360 degrees. It also has a multipurpose base (pencil holder or stand). It is a lamp with USB rechargeable cable, that is, it can be used wirelessly.

It has a power cord for charging, with a touch switch for easy use. The charging time is estimated between 2.5h and 4 hours, which is a reasonable and fast time.

The best high-end USB charger lamp

This is a rechargeable USB charger lamp with rectangular base. They also have a bulb and neck of the same shape. It has up to 5 lighting modes, plus a brightness adjuster with 10 levels. Its controls are tactile and its bulb is LED.

The direction in which the light is directed is adjustable, with a turning capacity of 180º. The battery life once charged is up to 50 thousand hours, which is more than some other bulbs.

The Best Portable USB Charger Reading Lamp

This lamp has a portable USB reading charger with LED light. It has an adjustable neck, in terms of height and the direction in which the lighting is directed. It has a clamp so that it can be held securely in place while in use to prevent it from falling.

The battery life while in use depends a lot on the level at which you are using the brightness. It ranges from a minimum of 3 hours at 100% brightness and a maximum of 8 hours at 20% brightness.

The best lamp with foldable USB charger

It has 5 lighting modes with 5 brightness levels, with an adjustable rotation and direction of 225°. It is LED light with eye care illumination. Its control or selector of the functions to use (level, mode, on/off, brightness, brightness, brightness, brightness, brightness, brightness, brightness, brightness, brightness.

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The light is touch-sensitive.

This lamp with USB charger is foldable when not in use. It also includes a USB port for connecting other compatible devices. It is mainly used for individual desks

or work tables in homes and offices.

The best ornamental lamp with USB charger

The bulb base it uses is the general E27, for either incandescent or LED, depending on the user’s preference. It has a decorative purpose, either on a nightstand, dining table or even on a desk.

It includes 2 USB ports on the base to connect. It is rechargeable electric function, that is, it can be used wirelessly. It is made of durable material, such as glass and iron. Both determine its beautiful design.

Buying Guide: What you should know about USB charger lamp

USB charger lamps are becoming more and more common in the market. However, choosing the ideal option is not as easy as it seems. Therefore, to help you make your choice, we will answer the most frequently asked questions from users about these functional models.

Lámpara de mesa Lámpara de mesa You will find a wide variety of models of lamps with USB charger on the market. (Source: Maxxyustas: 39385338 / 123rf)

What are the characteristics of a lamp with USB charger?

It is a lamp that can be either a table lamp or a wall lamp. It includes one or more USB ports, in addition to being connected with USB cable. These lamps have the added value that they do not have a specific voltage plug. They also offer the ability to charge other devices with USB.

These lamps with USB charger can be either halogen or LED light. Each user can choose the type that suits them best, depending on their needs and the purpose of use of the lamp.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the USB charger lamp?

The USB charger lamp has the benefit of the wireless option. Thus, it provides the convenience of moving it freely from one place to another. In addition, it allows other devices to be plugged in, so the user does not have to worry about finding a wall socket. The light of the lamp is usually adjustable in terms of focus and brightness, so the user can choose what he/she needs.

Table lamps usually offer better lighting when studying, not just focused on one part of the desk, but on the table in general. However, lamps with USB chargers, like any product, may have certain drawbacks (although very few). T

We will discuss their pros and cons in the following table:


  • Can be wireless
  • Connect other devices without having to plug into a wall socket
  • Focus and intensity of illumination can be adjusted
  • Better visibility on the desk when studying
  • Different LED light variants


  • Shorter battery life for cordless lights
  • USB port is not always compatible with all devices

What types of USB charger lamps are there?

In the market you will find a wide variety of models of lamps with USB charger. In the following table we will mention the most popular ones, along with their respective characteristics.

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Type Description
Tabletop For decoration or on a bedside table. They are usually of moderate brightness and smaller in size. This type also has the option of being wireless.
Desktop Wireless or not, they are usually larger than desk lamps. This is because the desk sizes are larger. The range of the light is greater and not focused on a single point of the table, but distributed.
Wall-mounted Glued or hung on a wall, they can be used both for a desk or table. They also have a decorative function in the living room or in an office. It shares the same benefits, with the difference that it is not usually wireless. Therefore, the user does not worry about battery life.

Why buy a lamp with USB charger?

Nowadays, most lamps use an LED light. This is because this type of lighting requires less power to produce the same amount of halogen or fluorescent light. It also offers fewer electrical hazards and lower energy costs (1).

Lamps with USB chargers allow you to adjust the lighting to suit your taste and needs. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your mobile phone battery because you can charge it on the lamp itself. Finally, by consuming less energy, the expense in the electricity bill will also be lower.

Bombillo blancoBombillo blancoLED lighting is increasingly demanded in light bulbs, so most of the lamps with USB charger use this type of lighting. (Source: Magneticmcc: 48710503 / 123rf)

What are the alternatives to the lamp with USB charger?

One alternative is a lamp with a dimmer or a lamp that can be controlled from a mobile phone. Thus, we can use the frequency used in mobile phones to intensify and have a much wider signal (2).

Another alternative is

n flexible lamps. They can also be wireless and are charged with a USB cable, which plugs in wherever the user chooses. These have an LED light that improves illumination, battery life and range of focused light.

When you refer to USB charger, are you talking about a port to charge other devices or that the lamp is charged with a USB cable?

Both. First, it means that the lamp comes or works with a USB charger, from which power is transferred to the lamp for operation. In some cases, it also allows you to charge it while not in use.

As for the second option, it can refer to it coming with one or more USB ports to be able to charge devices. However, in these cases they are usually identified as “USB port” or “port for another device”.

Buying Criteria

The following list presents some criteria to consider when looking to buy a lamp with USB charger. Our goal is to make it easier for you to find this product so that you can make a successful purchase.


Depending on the type, the purpose of use also changes. Therefore, we must evaluate which lamp suits our needs or tastes. For example, if it is going to be a table lamp to have more light in a certain area of a room. Or if it is for a desk, either to work or study, or for a wall.

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The USB wall charger lamp can also be adapted, according to the style or model, to a bedside table with extra lighting.

Corded or corded

These lamps are usually rechargeable. Lamps with a USB charger that are cordless usually have a set battery life once charged. They can be either table or desk lamps. They also come in different sizes for different uses.

There are brands that, in addition to offering rechargeable models, provide the option to adjust some details of the lighting. The lamp with USB charger, but with cable (not wireless), includes one or more USB ports to connect devices.

Lámpara en el escritorio Lámpara en el escritorio Lamps with USB charger benefit users by the fact that they can move them and adjust the lighting. (Source: Samule Sun: U6EXlQCZ938 / unsplash)

<h3>Number of USB ports

The number of USB ports to be able to connect other devices is usually 1 or 2, either by design or size of the lamp. Each user has a different need that will determine the number of ports required.

USB ports are an added value in this kind of lamps, so it is one of the most observed criteria. Therefore, we recommend you to pay special attention to this point and decide based on your specific needs.

Type of LED light

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode – light emitting diodes. These lights consume very little electrical energy and, therefore, allow us to save on our electricity bills. Moreover, they are more environment friendly. That is why most of the users look for LED light bulbs.

They have lower electrical risk and higher switching speed (on and off), as well as better continuity of operation and color management. These are some of the specific benefits of LED lighting (2). That’s why these lamps are almost a must. You’ll just have to consider what wattage or intensity you prefer.


A lamp with a USB charger offers many benefits in addition to helping the user in case of an emergency if the power goes out. It’s because most of these have the ability to be used wirelessly. If they are portable, they usually have a rotation on the neck between 180° and 360°, allowing the user to improve the lighting and adjust the direction of the bulb. Where the lamp with USB charger is to be placed affects the purchase decision, as well as the various features that may be included in the models available.

LED light is the best choice of lighting as it uses little energy and offers better illumination. It also helps the user economically because of its low power consumption. Also, with the same LED light, users are able to measure the brightness level as well as the mode of the light (whether it is white or yellow). What more can you ask for?

(Featured image source: Magneticmcc: 50367680 / 123rf)