It’s a new wake-up call for America’s big tech companies. According to a survey of 1,200 voters conducted by Change Research, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Google and Amazon’s approval rating is below 50 percent. The trend is down compared to previous studies, The Hill reports.

It can also be noted that a majority of respondents approve of measures such as the dismantling of large technology companies or more regulation of them to improve the protection of personal data.

Public opinion supports regulatory efforts

The trend is particularly strong among Republicans, with 82% approving of such measures. There seems to be a disconnect between Republicans and their representatives, who are more cautious than Democrats on this issue.

The poll also tested a number of ideas. The possibility for individuals to sue companies for privacy violations was favored by more than 90 percent of respondents. There was also a slight majority in favour of banning or suspending facial recognition.

These figures should satisfy the American parliamentarians who are proposing several laws to better regulate the tech giants and avoid the formation of monopolies in their respective sectors. You can find more details in the analysis we published on this subject.

The results of this study are not so surprising and confirm the distrust of Americans already observed in the past. To give just one example, a poll published last February found that 59% of respondents were in favor of dismantling the tech giants. 55 percent of Democrats and 61 percent of Republicans supported the idea.

Finally, the same survey found that 65 percent of citizens believe that these companies have reached a level that poses a real problem for the American economy. Fifty-nine percent of Democrats share this view, compared with 70 percent of Republicans.

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