Windows 11, the new version of Microsoft’s operating system, is just around the corner, and since it is known that as happened with the current version, original license holders will be able to upgrade for free, it’s a better time than ever to legalize your operating system and be prepared for when the starting gun goes off. So, in this article we are going to tell you how to get genuine Windows 10 licenses at the best price, starting from just 14 euros.

In addition to preparing your operating system for the impending upgrade to Windows 11, only with genuine Windows 10 licenses will you be eligible for valuable security updates that help keep you protected, as well as the latest features and compatibility improvements that are being added to Microsoft’s operating system.

The cheapest licenses for upgrading to Windows 11

Licencias Windows 11

Here’s how to get the cheapest licenses available for both Windows 10 and the Office suite. These licenses come from discarded OEM equipment, whose licenses have been purchased, reactivated and resold, which is why they are so cheap to be completely legal, as it was attested by the European Supreme Court in 2012 to determine that digital licenses are as valid as physical ones.

Get Windows 10 from 12.5 euros

Office cheaper than ever

If you need both, buy a combo to save money.

Remember that to get these prices you must use the discount coupon HZ20, which will apply a 20% discount on the price you see on the web. The discount code is applied in the shopping cart, just like you would do in any other online store.

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Is it safe to buy a digital license for Windows 11 online?


Definitely yes. These license stores like the one we’re recommending in this article get the licenses legitimately and, in fact, reactivate them directly with Microsoft so they are guaranteed to work. That aside, they work just like any other online store except that instead of sending you a physical product to your home address, they send you a digital license code by email (that’s why it’s important that you register with the store with a valid email address).

In addition to this, they of course have secure payment methods including PayPal, which guarantees you your money back in case you have problems through their dispute program. In any case, the store has both a chat and email support service that will help you in case you encounter any problems, so you can buy your digital licenses here with confidence, as in the rare case that you get into trouble they will help you so that you can get your digital licenses back. purchase is completely satisfactory.