Today on Xiaomi’s Youpin platform, two new tap water purification products have been presented. The first one is called Yangfen Magnetic Faucet Water Purifier and the second one is the Sheyu Ozone Sterilization Kitchen Faucet; let’s discover them together.

Two new products on Xiaomi Youpin will allow us to purify the water with simplicity

Let’s start with the latter, the Sheyu Ozone Sterilization Kitchen Faucet, a product that combines ozone water treatment equipment with traditional household faucets. Without changing traditional usage habits, ozone water is activated with the click of a button.

Sheyu’s kitchen faucet adopts an integrated and convenient installation design, with ozone water equipment and under-sink installation accessories. The Sheyu product is super easy to install and you can do it yourself by watching the tutorial video you receive.

Once the Sheyu ozone faucet is installed, the usage habits of the traditional faucet are basically the same. The difference is that there is an ozone water touch switch on the left.

The ozone treatment water outlet mode can only be used when the traditional hot water switch on the right is closed. When the right switch is open, a red light will be displayed. While in the ozone water mode, the switch will have a blue indicator light.

Sheyu’s kitchen faucet uses a stable, high-efficiency ozone generator, and the ozone concentration is kept at 0.2-0.4 ppm to ensure that it is harmless to the human body and safe to use.

The tap water outlet can also be switched to shower mode with a single button. It can also be pulled out and used, in fact inside we have a flexible rubber tube that can be extended and positioned where required.

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 Yangfen Magnetic Faucet Water Purifier Sheyu Ozone Sterilization Kitchen Faucet

The Sheyu Ozone Sterilization Kitchen Faucet can be found crowdfunding on Xiaomi’s Youpin platform at a price of 799 yuan, about 100 euros at the exchange rate.

Moving on to the Yangfen magnetic faucet water purifier. It too has a quick installation, thanks to its conversion head, simple filter element replacement and installation tools. Installation can be completed in minutes by referring to the manual.

 Yangfen Magnetic Faucet Water Purifier Sheyu Ozone Sterilization Kitchen Faucet

The standard configuration of the product features an internal threading 22mm and the 24mm external thread adapter, which can solve over 90% of faucet installation problems. If the faucet has different sizes such as 16/17/18/19/20/21/22/23/25/26, the manufacturer also provides the corresponding adapters.

The Yangfen Magnetic Faucet Water Purifier arrives in both a white jade color with gold detailing, and in black coloring, so as to fit best with different styles of faucets. Its measurements are 115x50x71.7 mm, at the top we have the water inlet, while at the bottom there is the water outlet with a central transparent window and the magnetolysis module X-polar, which is used to magnetize and improve the solubility, permeability and surface activity of water to produce a natural detergent in magnetolytic water. This is suitable for most skin types, sensitive skin of mothers and children. The magnetised water is used for washing, not for drinking directly.

After the water has passed through, the X-polar magnetolysis module can be seen rotating and the tap water is filtered into magnetolysis water suitable for washing.

On the left side of the product we find the month of use ring. Just rotate it slightly to view the current month and replace the filter element according to the time of use. The replacement time of the filter element is 6 months, depending on the local water quality.

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 Yangfen Magnetic Faucet Water Purifier Sheyu Ozone Sterilization Kitchen Faucet

The filter element adopts quick installation and locking design, which can be disassembled and assembled with small force after rotation, which is convenient for replacement. The material of the filter element contains natural menthol antibacterial factors, which can effectively prevent the growth of bacteria in the water.

Yangfen Magnetic Faucet Water Purifier can be rotated 360 degrees, and the water outlet can also be rotated by a certain angle.

The Yangfen Magnetic Faucet Water Purifier is now crowdfunding in China at a price of 299 yuan, about 39 euros at the exchange rate.

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