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Trilobe par Daniel Buren is the official name of the collaboration between Trilobe, the up-and-coming Franco-Swiss manufacture, and Daniel Buren, the renowned French conceptual artist. The fruit of this collaboration is “La Réciproque”, a timepiece created specifically for the Only Watch 2021 that follows Trilobe’s founding watchmaking concept to the letter.

However, this La Réciproque born of the association “Trilobe par Daniel Buren” departs from the norm followed by most of the firms that collaborate in this charity auction as it is a completely unprecedented watch.

Trilobe par Daniel Buren. La Réciproque - front

The “La Réciproque” is unpublished because it is a table clock, a type of clock that is rare nowadays and whose design is precisely where Daniel Buren is involved. Bridging the gap in terms of history and recognition, with the “La Réciproque”, Trilobe is paired with Patek Philippe and the “Complicated Desk Clock” (article) that it has donated for the Monegasque charity auction.

Trilobe presented his first creation, the “Les Matinaux”, under a concept of indicating time that, while not innovative, is rare; discs revolving around fixed indicators. In March of this year we dedicated an extensive article to Trilobe and this watch. As can be seen in the images, Daniel Buren’s interpretation of this Trilobe is extremely conceptual and I would say that even Bauhaus in its clarity and conceptual purity. Everything is very simple and is based on a perfect block, with prism geometry, worthy of the famous monolith protagonist of the iconic film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Under this geometric form so simple and emphatic, in one of its faces, Trilobe indicates the hours, minutes and seconds by means of concentric discs that rotate around three fixed indexes. Another stylistic factor, undoubtedly due to Daniel Buren, are the black and white stripes that alternate on this plane. In this sense it reminds me of the concept with which we were surprised by the Chanel Paradoxe <a href=”https://watch-test.com/chanel/chanel-j12-paradoxe-creativity-at-its-maximum-expression/” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener”>(article). But, in this case the black/white concept goes beyond that, as it also affects specific strips of the three rotating discs. Therefore, we will only see a perfect alignment of the three stripes twice a day.

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Trilobe par Daniel Buren. La Réciproque - back

The obverse of this prism continues with the concept of three large stripes alternating black and white, but giving prominence to the color red. This always spectacular color covers almost all the elements that make up the mechanical hand-wound movement that drives this watch. About this caliber, Trilobe does not even provide us with its reference so it remains somewhat anonymous. The few technical data provided are that it is composed of 590 parts, that its balance oscillates at a frequency of 2.5 Hz and that it offers an impressive power reserve of 8 days.

Trilobe par Daniel Buren. La Réciproque

The prism that makes up the case of this “La Réciproque” by Trilobe par Daniel Buren is made of aluminum and its two sides are covered by a sheet of sapphire crystal. Its dimensions are 30 cm wide by 30 cm high and 5.15 cm thick.

Chystie’s, the company responsible for managing the Only Watch 2021 auction, has estimated the price that the La Réciproque de Trilobe par Daniel Buren will fetch to be in the range of CHF 35,000-45,000.

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