Tribes of Midgard Tip News: Trophy List Now Available

Published on 07/26/2021 at 7:00 PM

With just four days to go before its release on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC, Tribes of Midgard, the sparkling survival adventure game, has revealed a little more. Below we reveal the trophy list for Norsfell’s title.

Below is the list of 27 trophies (including 1 hidden one) for Tribes of Midgard, which will be available on July 27 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC (12 bronze, 8 silver, 6 gold, 1 platinum).

Bronze Trophies (12)

  • Raining Souls

    Spend 10,000 souls in Miðgarð

  • A Villager in Need

    Successfully revive a villager

  • Friend in Need

    Successfully revive an ally

  • New Viking

    Reach Season Level 2

  • New Hersir

    Reach Season Level 5

  • New Jarl

    Reach Season Level 10

  • New Konungr

    Reach Season Level 25

  • A Not-So-Friendly Viking

    Complete the Tutorial

  • Common Craftsman

    Craft a Common Item in any Mode

  • Uncommon Artisan

    Craft an Uncommon Item in any Mode

  • Rare Artisan

    Craft a Rare item in any Mode

  • Epic Artisan

    Craft an Epic Item in any Mode

Silver Trophies (8)

  • Souls Fall

    Spend 100,000 Souls in Miðgarð

  • New Einherjar

    Reach the last Season Level

  • Back to Jötunheim

    Make the final move to defeat an Ice Jötunn in any Mode

  • Back in Múspelheim

    Make the final move to defeat a Fire Jötunn in any Mode

  • Back to Asgarð

    Deliver the final blow to defeat a Foundry Jötunn in any Mode

  • Back in Niflheim

    Deliver the final blow to defeat a Dark Jötunn in any Mode

  • Legendary Craftsman

    Craft a Legendary Item in any Mode

  • Hand to Hand

    Play a game with an equipped companion

Gold Trophies (6)

  • Hail Souls

    Spend 1,000,000 Souls in Miðgarð

  • Ragnarök

    Complete a Saga Quest in Saga Mode

  • Survival

    Reach day 100 in Survival Mode

  • Like Svaðilfari

    Get 100 Builds in any Mode

  • Go tolhalla can wait

    Give the final blow to defeat a Saga Boss in Saga Mode

  • Dragon Child

    Hold 10,000 or more souls in Saga Mode

Platinum Trophy (1)

  • Ultimate Saga

    Unlock all Trophies

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