The iMac with larger display, in the variant with Apple Silicon CPU, will arrive in 2022. This is claimed by “leaker” Dylandkt, a person who has reported rumors about Apple in the past that later turned out to be accurate.

Dylandkt on Twitter reports that he doesn’t expect the release of the top-of-the-line iMac by the fourth quarter of this year with SoC M1X, processors that would currently be chosen for future MacBook Pros, because Cupertino doesn’t want, at least initially, that Pro-range laptops and iMacs with larger displays compete for attention, in addition to reporting delays that would have led to such a schedule.

Previously, the same leaker had reported that he was sure that the M1X processor was something intended for top-of-the-line “pro” Macs, including MacBook Pros and iMacs among them. There have long been rumors of new 14″ and 16″ MacBook Pros, computers that are expected to arrive between September and November. The usually ever-reliable Mark Gurman of Bloomberg predicted the arrival of iMacs with M1X or M2X CPUs but didn’t give any indication of when these might arrive.

After the24″ iMac with M1, Apple is definitely working on a larger screen iMac as well, a computer that should take advantage of a more powerful chip than the M1. The last 27″ iMac was unveiled in August last year, and it shouldn’t be long before the complete refresh is complete. Easy to foresee a design similar to the iMac 24″ M1, with new compact design, improvements in elements such as camera, microphones, speakers, keyboard support with Touch ID and others possible from the logic board designed in freedom by Apple with the cooling system not limited by the space available, produced in different colors.

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Dylandkt, as mentioned, has previously correctly predicted the arrival of iPad Pro with M1 chip, and before the launch of the last 24″ iMac had correctly predicted the use of M1 instead of M1X.