The Internet world has been a revolution for many economic sectors. Among them, tourism, an activity heavily hit by the current coronavirus pandemic, is one of the most dependent on user searches on the Internet. Therefore, having a quality software, able to cope with the high demand, is an essential requirement to offer a quality service to customers.

Tourism software is known as software for tourism to those programs and services specialized in the tourism sector. These programs have been designed to facilitate the booking of services, optimize data collection and comply with current regulations on data protection.

There are a multitude of tourism software options. Therefore, we have selected some of the best. Let’s get started!


Ofimática offers a wide range of software aimed at the tourism industry. Among its offerings you can find Ofiviaje, for retail travel agencies, OfiBooking, agency search engines, OfiTour, designed for tour operators, OfiMayor, for wholesalers, or OfiBus, specific software for buses and coaches.

This wide variety of software makes one of the most demanded services in the sector. Among its advantages are the ease of use, the single data philosophy (once the data is entered, it is registered and does not need to be re-entered) or the ability to adapt to local or cloud service, depending on the customer’s preferences.


GIAV’s software has become famous for its high modernity in terms of data. Located in the cloud, this software allows access from a variety of devices, creation of files for each service (flight reservations, collections, outstanding invoices, etc.) or its integrated CRM, which allows alerting in case of collections or delays of a client.

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In addition, one of the advantages of GIAV is its state-of-the-art interface. In practice, this interface allows access to a design that adapts to all devices (mobile phones, computers, tablets) in a very visual way.


SIGMMA is a tourism agency software that is very popular in Latin America. However, it is also present in Europe and, in fact, has grown in recent years.

This software has two main advantages. On the one hand, it is very easy to use, which is why some clients choose to use it. On the other hand, it allows to obtain data in real time, something that experts in marketing and tourism strategies highlight.

4. CRM Travel

The CRM Travel software has specialized in improving the relationship with customers in the sector. Thus, the great advantage of this service over others is related to its dynamic and connected nature, as it keeps all departments of a company connected with each other. Thanks to this, this software allows full customer satisfaction in real time.

5. Quonext Tourism

Like CRM Travel, Quonex bets on a direct connection of all areas of the company (although each with its own software). It does not hindernte, this software is characterized by offering other solutions for tourism agencies, as it offers its services to agencies, theme parks, airlines … Thus, it is a software that, depending on the profile of the contractor, can be adapted and customized to each company.