Small businesses are running out of time to sign up for TikTok, and take off. A huge opportunity for merchants is running out of steam. The app and its more than 3 billion downloads is a real boon for businesses seeking popularity. Unlike other social networks, its virality potential has no barriers and even the lesser known accounts have a chance to get gigantic visibility.

The stories are piling up and the number of popular TikTok accounts featuring a new bar concept, restaurant, edible plate making or the daily life of a beekeeper and oenologist is growing. “You can have 200 subscribers on TikTok and have a video go viral, get a million views and it completely changes everything for you,” exclaimed Analiese Ross, CEO and co-founder of AMR Digital Marketing, in an interview with Business Insider.

With the health crisis over and the number of users growing, TikTok ‘s striking leverage may well have peaked. That said, too many companies are still ignoring it and seeing TikTok as a mere fad, aimed only at teenagers. It’s time to make a decision and take a chance. Because “this ability to become super viral and not depend on your number of subscribers is quite unique to TikTok,” added the digital marketing expert, passionate about the possibilities of the algorithm of all possibilities.

The algorithm of all possibilities

How does TikTok manage to separate itself from Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat? To become popular, the social network is more like Twitter. Their algorithm and concept relies heavily on sharing posts to users who are not specifically subscribed to the accounts in question. On TikTok, this is represented by the “For You” news feed, which shares videos based on users’ interests.

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Thus, it is rather simple to promote a video presenting your small business to a few hundred users easily. The antechamber to greater success, with videos exceeding 10,000 views, 100,000 views, or even a million. Analiese Ross explained, “you’re not going to see these big fluctuations on Instagram where, for example, one post gets a million views and the other gets 200 on TikTok,” he said. The app actually attracted the entrepreneurial community at Station F last May.


In an article published by Business Insider, several companies that have seen their order books explode thanks to TikTok came back to the idea that the app was a good idea.their adventure. Such is the case with “Nectar,” a company that launched late last year and now works with 200 stores to market its alcoholic beverages to them.

“First, I put together a video, basically telling our journey on how we got our first box and just to see if anyone would be interested in the drink or not,” recounted Jeremy Kim, one of the two co-founders. Originally, the entrepreneur was frustrated that he missed the summer period to launch his new brand and take advantage of the more convenient drinking season.

The results were not long in coming. Thanks to the strength of the algorithm and user interest, the reach was far beyond the small business’ expectations. “I posted the video at the beginning of November and it went well, I got about 30,000 views, and we thought, Okay, with a hundred more of these videos, we’ll be the biggest brand ever.” His irony didn’t last long: one of his most popular videos has 415,000 views.

@nectarhardseltzerYOUput US on so we’re paying it forward: 100% of our profits will be donated to support our local API community thru the end of May ##SpotlightAPI More Than You Know – Axwell / Ingrosso

“Life is crazy, five months ago we had zero followers,” wrote the now-viral startup in a video recapping their success story. “We got turned down by over 200 stores, so we posted a video on TikTok with our phone number to see if anyone would be interested,” they wrote. The brand’s TikTok account now has 596,000 “likes” and soon 40,000 subscribers.

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