Today I want to talk about a device that we rarely think about, in fact only when we need it but systematically at that time we do not find … the Xiaomi portable compressor!

Mijia Portable Air Pump compressore portatile Xiaomi

Mijia Portable Air Pump Xiaomi portable compressor

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portable electric compressor is a really versatile tool, useful for inflating a bicycle wheel like a car wheel, switching to a football or even using it as a compressed air jet (for example to remove dust from otherwise inaccessible areas). Equipped with a convenient digital display, it is able to detect the pressure of the object we are inflating and can also be set to reach a certain pressure at which it will stop automatically.

Built in aluminum alloy, comes up to a pressure of 150psi. This will allow you to charge up to 8 bicycle tires in about 3 minutes each and up to 5 car tires with an average time of about 6 minutes. Let’s not talk about footballs… with only one recharge we can inflate even 41 and it will take only one minute per ball.

A very important thing for our safety is the right pressure of the car tires. With the Xiaomi portable compressor you will no longer have the doubt of having them too soft, in fact you will just need a minute to check the pressure and possibly give him a charge.

The connection cable between the compressor and the wheel is about 18cm long, the dimensions are 124 x 71 x 45.3mm for 430Gr, the lithium battery is 2000mAh and can be fully recharged in less than 3 hours. Great then the portability seen weight and small size! Useful LED light on the front that will give us a hand when the lighting will begin to run out

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In the front, below the display, we will find a pad that will allow us


  • Left button: turn on a comfortable LED light in case we have to operate at night
  • Up/down buttonù: increase/decrease the inflation pressure up to the value we want
  • Right button: change the pressure value between PSI and BAR (by holding the button down for 2 seconds)
  • Right button: switch between the 4 preset values which will be represented by a small logo on the left (bike, motorbike, car, balloon).

In the package you will find the compressor, an adapter for French valve, a needle for balloon inflation, charging cable and a comfortable velvet case.

The list price is 50€, but today we report a very interesting offer, with 40% discount! Also on offer today are similar compressors from the Xiaomi ecosystem, the Baseus and Mijia 150psi compressors. Below is the link and discount code to purchase:

️ Xiaomi Mijia 1S portable digital compressor 150psi for £40
Coupon: BGed2253

️ Baseus Air Compressor 150PSI
Price: 53€

️Xiaomi 5V portable digital compressor 150psi
Price: 39€
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Il compressore portatile Xiaomi in offerta con spedizione prioritaria inclusa! Il compressore portatile Xiaomi in offerta con spedizione prioritaria inclusa!

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