While not as common as football or basketball games, skateboarding games are still growing, and some licenses have managed to build a loyal following. But independent titles sometimes try to make a place for themselves.

This is the case with The Ramp, a very small game that will be released in early August on Steam. When we talk about “tiny” game, don’t take it as a pejorative: that’s how its sole developer, Paul Schnepf, describes it. For him, it’s just a little guilty pleasure that he wanted to make, without any pretension:

If you’re considering buying The Ramp, keep in mind that it’s a very small game. Maybe not even a game, but rather a digital toy. Paul Schnepf

So it’s through 4 small playgrounds that you can try to perfect your technique, among which an empty pool and a quite classic track in an arc. Minimalism is the key word for this title, which offers no missions, no scoring system, or even moves to unlock: the only thing that matters is the pleasure of practicing a few minutes of skateboarding on occasion, thanks to a gameplay that is “easy to pick up but difficult to master”. The Blizzard of skateboarding games, in short.

The Ramp

will be released on August 3, 2021 on PC. Profil de Rob_Bellamy,  Jeuxvideo.com By Rob_Bellamy, Jeuxvideo.com



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