NFTs are becoming very trendy in the gaming world. Some industry players see a bright future with this new technology. This is the case of the Ultra platform, which intends to compete with Steam or the Epic Game Store. But also the French publisher Ubisoft which has just launched its Quartz platform (even if this decision is not to the taste of all employees). Electronic Arts and Take Two also seem very interested in NFTs.

On the other hand, others are more cautious, such as Phil Spencer, the boss of the Xbox branch at Microsoft, or Josef Fares, the director of the Hazelight studio, which recently won the title of Game of the Year at the Game Awards 2021 with It Takes Two. In an interview with Washington Post that he would rather shoot himself in the knee than introduce NFT in his future games!

“We’ll never do that”

Josef Fares is an iconic figure in the video game industry. The man doesn’t have a tongue in cheek and tends to speak his mind loud and clear. At the 2017 Game Awards, Josef Fares had no hesitation in openly criticizing Electronic Arts’ decisions with the numerous microtransactions on Star Wars Battlefront II and shouting ” fuck the Oscars ” in the middle of a live show with a nice middle finger gesture to criticize the seventh art industry and defend the video game industry.

Fares is a phenomenon, and often it’s in defense of the medium and for the sake of gamers. In his latest interview with the Washington Post, he made it clear that NFTs would never be a part of his games. While he remains courteous, the man did say that he would rather shoot himself in the knee than include NFTs in his games.

Any decision you make in a game that you design in such a way that it forces the player to pay or do something to cause that action is very bad. If you ask the CEO of a company, he will say I’m stupid because companies should make money.

During the interview, Josef Fares also mentions another point that has become controversial in recent years: service games. These are incomplete games that publishers will improve over the months and years with free and paid content to keep the interest of the game going longer. Again, this is not to the liking of Hazelight’s director.

We will never do that. We already have a problem where people don’t even finish single player experiences, so why focus on replayability?

If only the entire industry could have the vision and mentality of the dad from It Takes Two…

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