If you want to buy a drone to your child or you yourself want to try one first to see if the idea tickles you, before buying one for hundreds of euro that could end up in the closet after a few flights buy the mini-drone JJRC H36 that, with 16.39 euros, allows you to experience the technology and play safely.

This drone as we said is really small: it measures 8.5 x 8.5 x 3 cm, so it fits easily in the palm of your hand or in the pocket of a backpack. In the package there is everything you need to use it, including then a joypad for the controls since there is neither a camera to take pictures from above nor an app for smartphones with which to control the movements. The connection between the drone and remote control is via 2.4 GHz WiFi, technology that allows you to keep control up to 30 meters away.

jjrc h36jjrc h36

If you go too far just press a button to return to the joypad and if you want you can also use it at home because the propellers are effectively protected so as to avoid being able to damage something in case of impact. It incorporates a 6-axis gyroscope that allows you to maintain good stability even if you use it outdoors and it’s a bit windy, and you can select two different speed levels, low and high, so you can adapt the flying style according to the place and the pilot’s skill.

It uses a 150 mAh battery that, in addition to powering the LED light useful to give visibility even in low light conditions, powers the engine for 5-6 minutes of flight before discharging: recharging is done by connecting the battery leads to a power supply with USB plug and fully restores energy in just under an hour.

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jjrc h36jjrc h36

The use of the mini-drone JJRC H36 is recommended from 14 years of age and, as we said, at the moment you can buy it online at 16.39 euros. Recall that among the methods of payment is also available PayPal, which guarantees the possibility to take advantage of the PayPal purchase protection in case of need. The offer is valid while stocks last; for further information on costs and shipping times, possible charges and order management, you can consult the seller’s website.