Available since June 19, 2020, The Last Of Us Part.II is one of the last big masterpieces of the PlayStation 4. A narrative adventure signed by Naughty Dog and awarded the title of Game of the Year 2020. Players have been eagerly awaiting the announcement of an online mode to extend their stay in the streets of Seattle. Alas, for over a year, still nothing. However, the studio Naughty Dog was working on the multiplayer part before the release of the game, as evidenced by recent discoveries.

A battle-royal on The Last Of Us Part.II?

It’s through a video on Speclizer’s channel, relayed by Naughty Dog Mag’ that we discover a series of elements that were originally intended to be used in the multiplayer mode of The Last Of Us Part.II.

Speclizer is part of a group of dataminers with whom he was able to get his hands on several assets like a listening device. It could be a “collar” that the dogs wear in the single player mode. These were therefore planned in the multiplayer mode of the game. Other items found by Speclizer and his group included backpacks and protective gear. From the various items found, one can assume that Naughty Dog had planned to include a battle royale mode in the online mode of its latest game.

A multiplayer-only game coming?

According to Naughty Dog Mag’, a stand alone (a DLC that doesn’t require the original game) would be in preparation. This extension would allow access to an online-only game in the universe of The Last Of Us. It would be a mode very inspired by the Factions of the first game (in 2013).

Naughty Dog is reportedly refining its mode to release it in the next few months in a revised and improved version.

In the meantime, The Last Of Us Part.II is available on PS4, a free next-gen patch is available on PS5 allowing to play in 60FPS.

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