Since the end of June 2021, Windows 11 pre-releases follow one another, but remain confined to the developer channel. Build 22000.100 is the first to move into the beta channel, a sign of greater stability.

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Windows 11 should be deployed within a few months, but the road is still long and the pre-releases are linked for affiliates of the Insider program. Version 22000.100 released on July 22, 2021 has just entered the beta channel of the program, a first for Windows 11 and a sign that the operating system is now sufficiently stable.

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The beta channel is now available.

Those who prefer stability should select this channel, but those who want to preview new features can stay in the developer channel, which has more bugs. For the moment, switching from one channel to another can be done directly in the Windows Insider Program via Windows Update, but this possibility would be temporary according to Microsoft. Switching channels normally requires a full reinstallation of Windows, so don’t wait too long to choose one or the other.

Everything is obviously not perfect with this beta version and many problems remain (bugs, crashes, etc.). Microsoft details all known issues in its blog post.

What’s new

For the record, build 22000.100 brings some interesting new features to the OS.

  • For example, the hidden icons in the taskbar have been updated with the visual identity of Windows 11.

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The hidden icons have undergone a little facelift.


  • The focus assistant is now accessible directly from the notification center.

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The new shortcut to the focus assistant.


  • When an application is operating a task in the background, its taskbar icon flashes for a while to signify this, then the flashing is replaced by a pale red halo around the icon in question.

<!–[if IE 9]><!–[if IE 9]> Le fond rougeâtre et la pastille rouge de l'icône attirent l'attention sur l'application. © Microsoft

The icon’s reddish background and red dot draw attention to the application.


  • Finally, the navigation in the Microsoft Store has been improved with animations and more fluidity when using.

<!–[if IE 9]><!–[if IE 9]> La navigation du Microsoft Store a été repensée. © Microsoft

The navigation

of the Microsoft Store has been redesigned. Microsoft

Of course, a lot of patches are installed with this update. A first stone to the building before the final version of Windows 11 is available, in October probably.

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