Small and agile, they are the perfect cars for those who have to drive within the city. We are of course talking about city cars, a type that has made car history in our country. In recent years they have lost market share, absorbed more and more by small cars, but they still continue to have interesting sales volumes, both in new and used, behind small cars, SUVs and sedans. A-segment cars are often at the top of the monthly top ten best-selling cars in Italy, and the same ranking is also reflected in used cars.

But who wins the ranking of the best-selling used city cars online? Brumbrum, online car retailer, has compiled the ranking of the best-selling city cars online in Italy in the last 12 months, using data collected by the internal Observatory of online surveys and statistical investigations in the automotive field. The ranking is clear and used Fiat Panda is the most purchased online.

Fiat Panda dominates among the best-selling city cars online

Whether in the new or used market, Fiat Panda is always one of the most bought by Italians. For decades it has been the queen of the A-segment in Italy, chased by its sister Fiat 500, a favourite for over 50 years. This is a real triumph for these two cars, which together sell more than half of the city cars in our country. In third place, far from the two Fiats, there is the smart fortwo, the only two places in the top ten.
Fourth position, far from the podium, for another Italian car: the sporty Abarth 595, suitable for those who want to drive with a bit of brio in the city. Fifth place for Smart Forfour, the four-seater smart car, which beats Toyota Aygo by a whisker. Volkswagen Up, Citroen C1, Renault Twingo and Hyundai i10 close the top ten.

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Le auto elettriche usate più vendute onlineLe auto elettriche usate più vendute online

How much do people spend on a city car online?

Only 6%.he Italians buy a city car online for more than 15,000 euros, the other 95% of course spend less. Of this, 27% buy between 10 and 15,000 euros. More than 67% instead buys a car in the A segment spending under 10,000 euros.

Petrol the most sold, automatic at 17%.

Finally, let’s take a look at engines and gearboxes, where there are no big surprises. For these types of cars the most sold fuel is always the petrol with 72% of the market. Diesel is second at 8%, far behind petrol and pursued by LPG. Fourth is the hybrid, which beats methane, now in free fall. Ridiculous numbers for the electric
As for the transmission, the market share of the automatic gearbox stops at 17%, with the manual one having the remaining 83%. Interesting fact to analyze: here we are dealing with cars that make the low cost their major weapon and an automatic transmission would significantly increase their market price. In addition, these are cars that are used for a few kilometres a year. But it is also true that the percentage of automatic is growing, helped by several new hybrid and electric citycars on the market. So it is possible to see a considerable increase in the market share of automatic citycars in the future, even in the online used car market.

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