Published on July 28, 2021

After 5 hours of research and the comparison of 7 recognized references in the field, we have concluded that Acorelle Depilatory Body Cream is the most convincing solution on the market.

Our choice, Best mid-range

Ideal for sensitive skin, this treatment can be used on all areas of the body (a specific version

is formulated for facial hair removal and sensitive areas). Effective from only three minutes of application on the finest hairs and about seven minutes for a complete result, it seduces by its performances for a slower regrowth, the whole without irritations or redness. It is enriched with Boswellia Serrata extracts, with anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory properties. Its pleasant fragrance and its composition free of controversial ingredients finish convincing. Indeed,

despite its higher price, users are satisfied with its quality/price ratio, especially because of its effectiveness and its clean composition.

Best cheap

Solimo Crème Dépilatoire Peaux Sensibles (4 x 200 ml)

Appreciated for its effectiveness and low price, this depilatory cream formulated for use on the body is suitable for sensitive skin and enjoys a rather correct composition, qualities that make its quality/price ratio attractive.

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it does not specialize in beauty care, Amazon’s brand seems to make all users agree with its depilatory cream formulated for sensitive skin. It can be used on all areas of the body (legs, arms, underarms and bikini line) and is effective after a five-minute application, and can be applied for up to 10 minutes in total for more stubborn hair. The treatment is gentle on the skin (no irritation, itching or burning), provided that the application time is respected. The little extras? Its red fruit fragrance, although not exceptional, is not unpleasant, and its composition is rather correct for a product of this type.

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Cheap alternative

Veet Minima Pure Crème Dépilatoire Peaux Sensibles (200 ml)

A real must in the world of hair removal, Vee

t offers a body cream that is ideal for sensitive skin thanks to its softer formula. Effective and easy to use, it works quite quickly.

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Intended for sensitive skin for use on all areas of the body (legs, arms, underarms, bikini line), this cream stands out in the brand’s wide range because of its formulation with a lower concentration of chemical ingredients. It is nevertheless effective with an application time of 5-6 minutes, especially on rather fine hair. If it has the advantage of not irritating the skin or causing an allergic reaction, it also seduces with its really discreet perfume. And, if its composition is not exactly exemplary, it is still decent for a conventional product.

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Honorable Mentions

Nair Depilatory Cream for Dry & Sensitive Skin (5,29 € for 200 ml at the time of publication): An option greatly appreciated by these gentlemen. Formulated for use on the body, it is effective after 5 to 6 minutes of application (and can act up to 10 minutes on the most stubborn hairs). It is a unisex solution that appeals to both men and women. Although it is designed to meet the needs of sensitive and dry skin, some users report a risk of burning: be sure to test the cream before full use. In addition, its composition is not exactly exemplary.

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Veet Shower Depilatory Cream for Sensitive Skin (€10.59 for 150 ml at the time of publication): A practical solution to use directly in the shower. Veet has formulated a water-resistant cream, which can be used for 5-6 minutes while in the shower – although it is advisable not to get the areas covered with product too wet. The cream is said to be convenient, fast acting and effective, but may not be suitable for more sensitive areas and skin.

A little less known or popular among hair removal solutions, depilatory cream nevertheless offers some significant advantages. Thanks to a chemical process, it offers a convincing result (especially on fine hair) for several days, in a painless way.

But you still have to find the product that best suits your needs in the vast choice offered on the market.

Here are the criteria to pay attention to when searching for a producthe :

  • Application: the product should ideally be applied in a thick layer in order to cover the hair to be removed as well as possible – which makes its use ultimately rather uneconomical. Once the application time has been respected, simply rinse off the cream and the removed hair with a spatula or sponge. Make sure you choose a cream specifically formulated for the areas you wish to remove hair from (sensitive areas, face, body…) and, if necessary, choose a product that best respects sensitive skin.
  • The application time: on average, you should leave the product on for five minutes to obtain satisfactory results, bearing in mind that the longer and thicker the hair, the longer the delay. To avoid any risk of reaction, irritation or burning, it is essential to respect the application time of the product and to rinse it quickly once the time is up. Today, some creams can even be used directly in the shower to save a little time.
  • The composition: in addition tothioglycolic acid and its salts used to dissolve the hair, creams often contain soothing active ingredients such as aloe vera. Many conventional skin care products also contain paraffin oil, which has been criticized for its mineral origin and its impact on the environment. Of course, it’s always best to make sure that the products you use are free of controversial health ingredients.
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To be on the safe side, it is advisable to perform a test on a small area of skin before going for full hair removal for the first time. If you feel any burning or irritation, rinse the product off immediately. Also, avoid exposure to the sun directly after your hair removal session.


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