News game The Ascent: explosive and beautiful like a truck

Published on 07/29/2021 at 15:00

Developed by the small team of Neon Giant, The Ascent is a twin stick shooter set in a beautiful cyberpunk universe, with its share of spectacular situations


In The Ascent

, you play as a “perma”, a kind of modern slave who does all the tasks of the corporation to which he belongs. Unfortunately, the biggest corporation in the world suddenly collapses, without anyone knowing why. It’s up to you to find out why, and of course, it won’t be fun. You’ll have to fight your way through the game’s superb universe with your guns, as many enemies will be pitted against you.

Efficient, fast-paced and beautiful, The Ascent is a very good top-down shooter, which makes you evolve in a coherent, solid world, while giving the player a generous layer of RPG, which will allow him to optimize his character as he pleases. If the game is not free of flaws, especially in terms of ergonomics, performance or checkpoint placement, it is still a complete and successful experience that we detail in our full review below.

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