Published on July 27, 2021

Based on our comparisons and many hours of research, here are the 9 accessories we recommend to welcome a puppy or dog in your home in the best conditions.

1 – A suitable bowl

The most important thing is to find a stable bowl that will stay in place when your dog eats. You can do this by choosing a bowl with a non-slip rim, or by placing the bowl on a special mat – which will also make cleaning easier.

For larger dogs, it may be advisable to choose a raised bowl so that he can feed in a comfortable position. This can also be a useful investment for dogs that tend to play and walk around with their bowl.

When it comes to materials, there are many to choose from: stainless steel, ceramic, plastic… It’s up to you to adapt to your dog’s preferences and your facilities. For ideal storage and quick and easy preparation of your dog’s meal, note that a kibble container can also be very practical.

Our recommendation

Kerbl Gamelles en Inox + Support (2x900 ml)

Available in two sizes, these stainless steel bowls are attached to a floor-level bracket for stability. They are easy to clean and also allow you to serve two types of food (or water) to your dog.

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An elevated alternative for larger dogs

Trixie Gamelles en Inox avec Porte-Gamelles

The height of this stand can be adjusted according to the size of your dog and it can hold two bowls. The structure is of course equipped with anti-slip feet, while an anti-noise block prevents the bowls from colliding.

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2 – Quality kibbles and treats

It goes without saying that your pet’s health depends largely on its diet. For a four-legged companion with silky fur, soft skin, white teeth and a smooth transition, it is important to invest in a suitable food.

If kibbles are a very practical solution, it can be interesting to buy a special food for your dog.Try to pay attention to the quality of the ingredients used and the transparency of the brands, as well as taking a look at the analytical components to get an idea of what might be suitable for your dog.

Of course, not all pets have the same needs and sensitivities, so you may need to test several references before finding the right food for your new best friend.

Our recommendation for puppies

An alternative for all dogs

Amikinos Reference (12 kg)

These minimalist kibbles have been designed to suit all profiles – puppies, adults or even seniors. Their high protein content and low glycemic index are a sign of optimal balance.

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95,90 € on Amikinos

Our recommendation for treats

Edgar Cooper Bonbecs au Poulet (50 g)

Slowly cooked at low temperature, these well-balanced treats, which come in a variety of flavours, are a real asset for your dog’s education. What’s more, the small bags are biodegradable and reasonably priced.

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3 – A comfortable basket

In addition to the size, it is important to consider the materials chosen, which must be at least resistant to knocks and bites – and ideally Oeko-tex certified, i.e. free of harmful substances. A non-slip bottom is preferable for more stability, while a removable cushion can be a great advantage for you in terms of maintenance.

Our recommendation

Knuffelwuff Dreamline

This is a non-deformable, hard-wearing and insulated chair with a generous amount of soft padding and quality materials. It is easy to maintain thanks to its removable and machine-washable cushion. It is available in several sizes for medium to large dogs.

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A low cost alternative

Feandrea PGW22G

Ideal for

For small dogs, this durable, soft basket has a very comfortable padding and a non-slip base. Its design and price make it very accessible and practical, despite a non-removable cover.

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4 – Fences or an enclosure to protect him

When your new pet arrives, it will certainly be necessary to secure the house and/or garden to avoid any incidents. Investing in an enclosure is a simple solution to mitigate any risk, whether it is to protect your little friend at night or in your absence during the day, or simply until it adapts to its new environment during the first few weeks.

Our recommendation

Amazon Basics Enclos Pliant

This enclosure, which is available in various sizes and has a door, is perfectly adaptable to create a safe space for your dog. Easy to assemble and fold for storage, it should be ideally secured or wedged in place so that it doesn’t move.

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alternative for the door

Munchkin Maxi-Secure

Although designed for children, this doorway gate is just as effective at restricting your dog’s access to certain areas of the house. It’s easy to assemble and open to make it easier for you to get through.

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5 – A well thought out and safe harness

An increasingly popular – and recommended – alternative to the collar, the harness

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, if properly designed and used, offers much better comfort and ergonomics for your dog’s well-being.

For a young puppy or an adult to be re-trained, a leash attachment at the front of the harness is handy to prevent the animal from pulling too hard. Also, if possible, choose a model that is at least adjustable for optimal comfort and safety.

Our recommendation

Animalin Reflex (S)

Available in several sizes and adjustable, it stands out for its material quality, its front and rear leash attachments and its practical back handle. It also has reflective strips for safe night time use.

<a href=”″ target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener”> 36,00 € on Animalin

An alternative for small dogs

Curli Air Mesh (S)

Designed for small and medium-sized dogs, this harness offers an attachment system on the back only. Easy to put on, light and breathable, it is equipped with reflective strips for optimal safety. It is however less flexible.

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6 – Toys to stimulate him

Games and toys are essential elements in your dog’s development, as they help to entertain, occupy, stimulate, expend and educate animals. From classic balls to plush toys, chew toys, ropes, Frisbees and strategy and intelligence games, the most important thing is to choose safe and durable materials.

Of course, not all toys are suitable for all profiles: some dogs are more destructive than others, for example. It’s also a good idea not to let your pet play unsupervised – especially before you know how strong the new toy is.

Our recommendation

Chuckit! Ultra Ball

It bounces efficiently, floats and is highly visible thanks to its bright colours, but above all it is super strong and durable, even against the most determined dogs. A must-have!

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A more cerebral alternative

Trixie Poker Box

This game of intelligence made up of 4 boxes to be opened using different methods is appreciated for its diversity of tests and its modularity. Ideal for sharing a special moment together, it has a stable base and solid construction and is suitable for all types of dogs.

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7 – Absorbent mats, essential until potty training

Absorbent mats are a must-have for many puppies during the potty training period. They prevent your puppy from doing his business anywhere in the house, and also keep his personal space dry and clean.

Of course, the absorbent mat is a very temporary solution for the first few weeks and/or nights only: make sure that it’s your four-legged friend quickly understands that he must relieve himself outside, at the risk of seeing him adopt the carpet as a permanent “easy solution”.

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While we’re on the subject, consider getting small bags to pick up poop on walks, and possibly a small shovel to collect feces in the garden.

Our recommendation

Feandrea Tapis Éducateurs pour Chiot (100 unités)

With their 5 layers, these mats ensure rapid absorption and avoid any risk of leakage thanks to their anti-leakage lining. Available in several sizes, they will do the trick during your puppy’s first weeks.

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8 – Effective protection against parasites

It is essential to protect our pets from parasites for reasons of comfort and health. Not only can these insects cause unpleasant itching, they can also transmit diseases.

While flea repellents often protect not only against fleas but also against ticks, lice and sandflies, dewormers are used to treat and prevent internal parasites such as worms.

In all cases, as this protection is medical, it is essential to consult your veterinarian to choose the most suitable solution.

Our anti-flea recommendation

Bayer Collier Seresto Anti-puces

Highly acclaimed for its unequalled effectiveness, this collar protects your pets for about 8 months from fleas, ticks and lice by simple contact thanks to the active ingredients that it releases progressively.

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Our recommendation for deworming

Biocanina Ascatryl Trio

With its broad spectrum of protection against a large number of roundworm and tapeworm species, as well as its control of Giardia, this medicine is known to be effective and safe.t is also appreciated for its affordable price.

12,48 € on 1001 pharmacies

9 – A carrier, a multi-purpose investment

A carrier is a safe solution for your car trips. The ideal is of course to choose a format in which your dog will be comfortable, and will be able to stand or lie down easily.

However, the crate can also be used as a basket inside the car: many dogs feel perfectly comfortable in it and therefore use it as a small personal space on a daily basis.

Our recommendation

Savic Dog Residence (61 x 91 x 71 cm)

Available in various sizes, this sturdy wire cage is easy to set up, take down and transport. With two doors, it offers a safe and cosy refuge with a comfortable cushion.

72,49 € on Zooplus

A more closed design alternative

Trixie Gulliver

More like a cat carrier, it offers a closed environment that is reassuring for dogs. It even comes with a container to attach to the door for feeding or watering your pet.

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