Published on July 20th, 2021

Based on our comparisons and many hours of research, here are the 6 products we recommend to gain muscle.

1 – Whey to tone muscles

Whey is a protein powder derived from cow’s milk. Generally very easy to digest and low in calories, sugars and fats, it tones the muscles and accelerates their recovery. Indeed, proteins are very important to both build and maintain muscle mass.

You can take it before, during or even after training. The two main criteria to consider when choosing it are the composition and the ease of digestion of the product.

Our recommendation

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% whey protein

This 3-in-1 powder is rich enough in amino acids and proteins to reach your goals. Its dilution, digestibility and taste are three qualities that make it a success.

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A more natural alternative

Foodspring whey protein (750 g)

Equally excellent in terms of digestibility, texture and taste, it is made from milk produced by cows raised on pasture. It is also ideal for diabetics thanks to the presence of stevia.

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2 – A gainer to gain weight

Richer in calories and carbohydrates (sugars) than whey, this nutritional powder supplement promotes weight gain and muscle development by creating a surplus of caloric intake. It is therefore mainly intended for those who have difficulty gaining weight because of a fast metabolism, but also for beginners.

Be careful, however, that to evaluate the dose to take, you must take into account your basic diet, your level of physical activity but also simply your goals.

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Our recommendation

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass (2,73 kg)

This high-calorie product stands out for its low sugar content and good digestibility. If its taste is discussed, It is ideal for less regular athletes who want to gain mass.

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A tastier alternative

BSN True Mass (4,2 kg)

Mainly made up of carbohydrates and various types of protein, this gainer also provides an extra calorie intake for regular sportsmen and women. It is also easy to digest, tasty and creamy.

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3 – Creatine to improve performance

Already partially present in our diet, creatine plays an essential role in cell hydration. Sold as a dietary supplement, it can increase your performance by providing energy and power to the muscles during intense and short duration exercises (not for endurance). It also acts on muscle mass gain.

Preferably, choose a creatine that dissolves well in water, and be sure to respect the daily doses so as not to disturb your digestion.

Our recommendation

Optimum Nutrition Micronised Creatine Monohydrate (317 g)

This very popular creatine monohydrate is easily diluted and digested. It has a complete and transparent composition and belongs to a reliable and renowned brand.

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An option for vegetarians

PBN Créatine Monohydrate (500 g)

In addition to its affordable price, this creatine monohydrate is completely vegetarian. Easy to store and completely miscible, it competes with much more expensive products.

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4 – A protein bar, the quick and easy snack

The protein bar provides energy and regenerates tissues. Thus, it promotes better recovery and therefore better muscle building. In addition, it is an easy-to-eat product that does not require preparation and its composition is often low in fat.

If it is well chosen, it is an excellent alternative to higher calorie biscuits. However, be sure to limit its sugar, calorie and carbohydrate content, so that

keep a totally healthy balance. Also choose a bar that is easy to digest.

Our recommendation

Grenade Carb Killa

Certified in the Informe Sport program, this triple-layer bar is the ideal post-workout snack. High in protein and low in sugar, it offers a delicious crunchy and chewy texture.

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A lower calorie alternative

Weider 60%

Although it doesn’t taste great, it’s very low in calories, and has both the highest protein and lowest sugar content of any bar we’ve tested. Its texture is also easy to chew.

2,50 € on Decathlon

5 – A BCAA, a real energy provider

Very useful for muscle composition and recovery, BCAAs

reduce fatigue and muscle soreness. And in muscle gain, the leucine they contain is particularly interesting because it allows to supply the muscle fibers with proteins to act on muscle growth.

For mass gain, BCAAs must be taken before training. Digestibility is therefore essential and should even take precedence over taste and solubility.

Our recommendation

nu3 EAA Vegan

The BCAA is a delicious and completely vegan product that contains eight essential amino acids and is free of artificial flavours. This composition is therefore active on energy, recovery and muscle development.

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6 – A pre workout for an occasional boost

Like a pre workout with stimulants

that aims to prolong and intensify your performance by giving energy, the pre workout without stimulants takes care of muscle building by providing more carbohydrates to the body, which increases weight gain.

Again, remember to choose a composition without excitants. The use of capsules is recommended because it is easier in terms of preparation and the dose is always respected. Again, pay attention to the digestive nature of this product.

Our recommendation

<a href=”″ target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener”> Olimp Sport Nutrition Pump Xplode Shot

Designed without creatine, caffeine or other stimulants, it is easy to use as each dose is used in shot form. It enhances concentration, reduces physique and supports muscle development.

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