With a width of 635 mm and a depth of 380 mm, the QPL665 griddle is rather large. Its cast aluminium and stainless steel finishes give it a certain standing, as they are impeccable, as is often the case with Riviera & Bar.

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To be fair, the power cable is very long (2 m), which comes in handy when there is no external power outlet. Most of the planchas in our comparison require an extension cord for outdoor use.

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The QPL665 is divided into two parts: the cooking tray is removable and detaches from the base very easily. The design of the griddle is such that it is slightly tilted forward to drain the grease and cooking juices into the appropriate drip tray.

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The control panel has two independent thermostat knobs to adjust the cooking temperature for each zone. Alas, these knobs are not thermostats, but power selectors up to six levels. This requires the user to read the instructions carefully to know which level to use to cook which food. Here, the temperature range is between 105 and 330 °C

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The grease trap is located between the two knobs. It can be easily accessed by pulling it towards you. Unlike the juice tray on the Severin KG2397 griddle, it is longer and deeper – so it can be emptied and cleaned more easily.

The QPL665 is surrounded by a stainless steel grease guard with hinged sides to prevent splashing on the opposite wall. It can be easily removed and is dishwasher safe.

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Riviera & Bar states in its technical data sheet that the cooking tray is dishwasher safe. However, we tried, but we could not get the tray to fit in an empty dishwasher. The width of the tray protrudes beyond the storage basket and its height does not allow the blades to rotate. So we had to wash the tray, which weighs 3.21 kg. Inevitably, this has an impact on the chore, especially when the sink is small. Fortunately, the non-stick coating makes it easy to remove the cast aluminium.

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The QPL665 griddle takes 4 min 12 sec to reach 230°C when pushed to its maximum power. This is quite long, but hardly surprising given the thickness of the cast aluminium surface. To stabilize the temperature at 230 °C, the selector switch should then be set to speed 4.

<!–[if IE 9]><!–[if IE 9]> Températures maximale (à gauche) et minimale (à droite) atteintes pour une température cible de 230 °C.

Maximum (left) and minimum (right) temperatures reached at a target temperature of 230 °C.

At this reference temperature, which is ideal for searing meat, we achieved temperature differences ranging from -10 °C to +20 °C. Like many planchas, this one tends to heat up very strongly before switching back to “standby” to lower the temperature. You can hear the tilting of the device when it increases (ditto when it stabilizes). In red, the plancha heats; in blue, it cuts. This explains in part the difficulty of the device to provide a precise and constant temperature.

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Homogeneity Riviera & Bar QPL665.

The homogeneity is not optimal, either. The heat is spread good and bad over the entire cooking surface, but it is directly under the resistances that the meat will cook best. The ends of the griddle are much cooler than the center and we noted differences of up to 60 ° C between the different areas.