New brand in our comparison, Imou offers relatively affordable surveillance cameras compared to their features. The A1 4MP is a very good example. While it’s hard to find at the manufacturer’s recommended price of €59.99, it’s usually only a few euros more and offers 2K recording with 360° motion tracking thanks to its built-in motor. The Imou A1 4MP also includes a microphone and a speaker, and can be controlled remotely. It connects to wifi and comes with a mobile application. The voice assistants of Google and Amazon are also supported.

<!–[if IE 9]><!–[if IE 9]> La caméra intérieure Imou A1 4MP.

The A1 4MP ready to detect the slightest movement.

Ergonomics and Installation

The A1 4MP has a white body with a silver belt that separates the base from the 360° rotating top. The camera is also built to adjust its tilt, but also to hide its lens. This privacy mode ensures that users cannot be filmed without their knowledge.

<!–[if IE 9]><!–[if IE 9]> L'Imou A1 4MP avec son slot microSD à découvert à gauche, et avec le mode Confidentialité à droite.

The Imou A1 4MP with its microSD slot exposed on the left, and with “Privacy” mode on the right.

As is also the case with Ezviz’s 360 cameras, a microSD slot – for memory cards up to 256GB – is offered and you have to flip the lens to free up access. The Reset button has been placed right next to it, and there’s a micro-USB socket for power on the back of the Imou A1 4MP, as well as an RJ45 port for connecting it to the internet box via wire.

<!–[if IE 9]><!–[if IE 9]> L'arrière de l'Imou A1 4MP.

Imou has provided an Ethernet port in addition to the wifi.

It is of course also possible to opt for a Wi-Fi connection (2.4 GHz), obviously less restrictive than an Ethernet cable to be pulled. The pairing procedure, as usual, requires the scanning of a QR code, and we had no problems to get through it.

The power cable is indispensable in the absence of battery, but it offers a rather comfortable length (2 meters) for the installation. The A1 4MP can be put on a piece of furniture or hung on the wall or on the ceiling with the help of the small support provided, and Imou has alsont thought of the screws and plugs.

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<!–[if IE 9]><!–[if IE 9]> L'Imou A1 4MP et son support mural.

The wall mount simply fits under the camera.

No matter where you put it, Imou’s camera is too easy to identify because of the golden ring around the lens. We also noticed a little play between the base and the camera itself. On the whole, the finishes are not particularly neat, but remain satisfactory.

The A1 4MP is paired and controlled using the Imou Life app, available on both Android and iOS. Since this is the first camera of the manufacturer to pass through our hands, it was a real discovery. However, we never had the feeling of being lost. The organization seemed logical to us, and we were pleasantly surprised when we discovered some options like audio detection.

<!–[if IE 9]><!–[if IE 9]> Imou Life

The Imou Life application has been rather well thought out.

Far from widespread, this feature activates independently of motion detection and works very well. The camera records a video when it detects a suspicious noise, but the user is mostly alerted. This is especially useful if parts of the room are out of the user’s field of view; the user can then control the camera remotely and monitor what is happening there.

Note that several levels of sensitivity are proposed to limit alerts, just as for the detection of movement which is also accompanied by a detection of human form however not very effective. Always in order to limit the alarms, zones of the image can be moved away from the surveillance and the motorized head of the A1 4MP is put to profit with the follow-up of movement. A functionality also effective. The camera even surprised us several times by managing to follow people passing sometimes several meters away, on the same level or on the floor of our open space. It shows both precision and responsiveness, and we appreciate that this tracking works both horizontally and vertically. This is not the case on the Ezviz C6CN Pro, for example.

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<!–[if IE 9]><!–[if IE 9]> Imou Life

Setting up audio and motion detection is quick and easy.

Motion detection can also be programmed according to time slots or the user’s location with “geo-locking”, and the A1 4MP has a

alarm that can be activated when activity is detected. Videos are of course also recorded for each event. The camera films as long as it detects activity and it is possible to store these videos on a microSD card or, for an additional fee, in the cloud

. It’s worth noting that Imou has provided alerts when the memory card is removed, and it’s also possible to receive alerts when the camera goes offline.

<!–[if IE 9]><!–[if IE 9]> Imou Life

There are several ways to find event videos.

Finally, we appreciate finding a shortcut to activate the “Privacy” mode directly on the preview thumbnail on the home page of the application, without forgetting the responsiveness of the whole. We did not suffer any bug nor problem of connection.

The cloud offersThe

A1 4MP is equipped with a microSD slot, but Imou also proposes cloud

storage, less constraining for the storage space, but paying. Several formulas are proposed, starting from 1,99 €. This price allows you to record three events per day for a month. The same package is offered for 12 months at €19.99, and Imou has planned others based on 7 and 30 recordings per day at €69.99 at most for 12 months.

The A1 4MP is, as its name suggests, equipped with a 4-megapixel sensor. It can therefore film up to 2K, and more precisely up to 2560 x 1440 pixels. This definition is referred to in the application as “HD”. A definition called “SD” is also offered to save space on the microSD card for those who choose local storage, at the cost, however, of a notable loss of quality.

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<!–[if IE 9]><!–[if IE 9]> Les deux définitions disponibles avec l'Imou A1 4MP, de jour et de nuit.

The two resolutions available with the Imou A1 4MP, day and night.

Not only does the resolution drop to 640 x 480 pixels, but the image is still captured in 16:9; it is therefore stretched across the height. In short, it is better to stay in 2K. Imou does, however, offer an HDR mode that can be useful in backlight situations, and its camera does, of course, offer infrared vision for the night.

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For a slightly higher price, the latter offers similar features and performed very well in our tests.

By day

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On the other hand, the dark areas are a little less blocked on the image of the Imou camera. It offers overall an image quality quite satisfactory for a surveillance camera. Good point also, its sensor is very sensitive and we found a very close image quality in low light.

By night

<!–[if IE 9]><!–[ <!–[if IE 9]><!–[if IE 9]> Imou A1 4MP

The A1 4MP offers a brighter image than its rival, and makes it possible to distinguish more shapes and details in the dark areas. The level of details remains however inferior, especially since a light noise comes here to be added. The image quality is not bad for all that, but a face will be difficult to recognize beyond 2 meters. We had rather estimated this distance at 3 meters with the C6W of Ezviz.

Another small disappointment, the Imou camera takes almost 10 seconds to activate its night vision, but its motion detection is effective. We had to get to about 8 meters in front of the camera while moving a little to start receiving alerts, which is very good for an indoor camera.