After confirming on Twitter that his Supercharger network would indeed be accessible to other manufacturers, Elon Musk is now revealing some of the details of this opening.

With 25,000 charging stations spread across more than 2,500 Supercharger stations worldwide and accessible only to Tesla owners, the brand’s network is one of the automaker’s strong points. However, its CEO Elon Muk confirmed last week on Twitter that “our Supercharger network will be open to other electric vehicles later this year”, without providing any further details. The announcement follows various negotiations with the Norwegian and German governments for subsidies.

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When asked about Tesla’s record-breaking second-quarter results, Elon Musk provided more details about the opening of its charging network. For example, third-party users will have to download the Tesla app on their smartphones and fill in their bank details. Then they will have to indicate which Supercharger they are at, plug in their vehicle and start charging from the app. This is because the app manages the charging process, as non-Tesla cars cannot communicate with Superchargers by simply plugging in.

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On the face of it, Tesla wants to open up this charging service to all markets where CCS is the standard, such as in Europe. In the United States, the manufacturer uses a proprietary standard. Still according to its CEO, the company is working on the design of an adapter allowing third-party vehicles with a CCS1 connection to connect and pay at Superchargers with the Tesla standard. The cost has not yet been disclosed.

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Obviously, the issue is mainly about charging and overloading the network. Elon Musk plans to introduce “dynamic” pricing based on charging speed and occupancy at certain stations, to encourage shorter charging sessions. In other words, drivers who fill up slower (and therefore occupy the charging station longer) would have to pay more. The price per kilowatt hour could also increase during peak periods.

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It’s no surprise that some Tesla customers are taking a dim view of this opening, in the They explain that they chose a Tesla to benefit from the Superchargers in particular, and that this advantage would disappear if everyone had access to the Superchargers. They explain that they chose a Tesla to benefit from the SuperChargers in particular, and that this advantage would disappear if they were made available to all. However, these additional users would help to increase Supercharger revenues, thereby supporting the network rollout.

Details of the markets that would benefit most from this opening have not yet been disclosed. It is rumoured that the first Superchargers will be made available to third parties in Norway and Sweden by September 2022.