Of the entire Tesla catalog, the most surprising model in Europe is undoubtedly the Cybertruck. And the thing is that, as we already told you when it was presented in 2019, it is a type of vehicle aimed very specifically at the North American market, where pick-up type vans enjoy tremendous popularity, and are every year on the list of the best-selling car models. On this side of the pond it is a less common type of vehicle and, consequently, neither generates as much interest nor is there as much demand.

That’s why it may come as a surprise to read that, according to some analysts, Tesla could already have a waiting list of more than one million units, that is, of customers who have signed up and made the first registration payment to reserve a Tesla Cybertruck which, in the first instance, was scheduled to start production in the latter part of this 2021. The first deliveries were scheduled for later this year, but due to production issues this has been pushed back to sometime in 2022.

And what production issues are those? Well, Tesla would have given priority to the production of the highly anticipated Tesla Model Y, an SUV with which Tesla aims to reach the whole world, taking advantage of the success that, for some years now, accompanies this peculiar format that car that combines aspects of a utility vehicle with others of an SUV and up to seven seats. It will be when the production of the Model Y is completed when the production of the Cybertruck begins.

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Tesla Cybertruck finalmente no llegará en 2021

For both vehicles Tesla depends on its production plant in Austin, Texas. And, although the Cybertruck has aroused a lot of interest in its domestic market, it is clear that an SUV has a much longer route, both nationally and internationally. Which, in turn, fits in well with the company’s plans to continue to expand globally and consolidate its image before other manufacturers can take control of such a promising market segment.

This doesn’t mean, however, that Cybertruck is going to be exclusive to the United States. In fact it can also be booked in Europe and the UK with local currencies (euro and pound sterling), for example this is the website to do it from Spain (which does not mean that it will have direct distribution in our country, of course). As you can read in it, it has already been updated.The company’s production is due to start in 2022.