The microwave is a basic appliance in the kitchen, since its functions lead us to use it almost every day. That is why it is very important to have a quality microwave, which provides us with the functions that we use most in our day to day.

What makes Taurus microwave ovens stand out? Its practical and intuitive use. This Spanish company has been in the field of household appliances for more than 60 years, which makes it one of the most recognized brands worldwide. Taurus manufactures easy-to-use products that make your life easier. What are you waiting for to buy a Taurus microwave oven?

The most important thing

  • Taurus microwave ovens stand out for their ease of use and convenience. This brand focuses on making quality, innovative and affordable products.
  • There are several models of microwave ovens from this brand. Depending on your tastes and preferences, you will find one that suits you.
  • When choosing a microwave, you should pay attention to different buying criteria. In particular, consider the functions, capacity and power of the microwave.

The best Taurus microwaves on the market: our recommendations

Here is a list of the best Taurus microwave ovens you can find on the market. We have compiled it by paying attention to the main features of each microwave model. This will help you choose the microwave that you like the most and suits your preferences.

The best Taurus microwave oven with intelligent technology

The Taurus Fastwave 20L Grill microwave is one of the star products of this brand. It has a capacity of 20 litres. With its high power of 700W and 800W, this microwave ensures fast heating and even cooking of food. It has 9 power levels, with a defrost function and an Auto clean function.

It also has an ECO mode to save on your electricity bill. It also uses an audible signal to let you know when cooking is finished. Its non-stick interior coating keeps the microwave clean, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning it every time you use it. Also available in 23 and 25 litres.

The best Taurus microwave with more functions

This Taurus built-in microwave, model MO20WHM, is made of stainless steel. It offers a high power of 800W and 1000W of grill to heat your food efficiently and evenly. It also has a timer, buzzer and intuitive controls. It has a capacity of 20 litres.

It stands out for its various operating modes: five cooking powers, grill function, defrosting and three combined functions of action plus grill. It also has a modern design with white finishes. It is also easy to integrate into any kitchen.

The best digital microwave Taurus

<img src=”//’%20viewBox=’0%200%200%200%200’%3E%3C/svg%3E” alt=’Taurus Fastwave 23L Digital Microwave – Eco Mode, 800W, Grill 900W, Defrost, Multicook, QuickStart, Programmable, Auto-clean, Coating
Shiny&Clean, 99min, Tec, SmartHeat, 455x342x26 mm, Inox’ />Taurus Microondas Fastwave 23L Digital – Modo Eco, 800W, Grill 900W, Descongelar, Multicook, QuickStart, Programable, Auto-clean, Revestimiento Shiny&Clean, 99min, Tec, SmartHeat, 455x342x26 mm, Inox

Taurus Fastwave 23L Digital Microwave – Eco Mode, 800W, Grill 900W, Defrost, Multicook, QuickStart, Programmable, Auto-clean, Shiny&Clean coating, 99min, Tec, SmartHeat, 455x342x26 mm, Inox

The Taurus Fastwave 23 L Digital microwave oven features SmartHeattechnology,

which guarantees rapid heating of your food. It is programmable and has several functions and programs. It has a power of 800W and 900W grill, as well as an ECO function to save energy.

It stands out for its Time to Start function which allows you to program the start of the microwave. It also has a child lock. On the other hand, it has a large capacity of 23 litres. If you need even more capacity, it is also available in 25 litres. In addition, the microwave allows you to adjust the different functions and time to continuously cook a food.

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The best easy-to-use Taurus microwave

The Taurus Fastwave Fused 20L microwave has large, easy-to-use manual rotary dials. It has several functions and six power levels. In addition, theAuto clean function,

design and coating make this microwave easy to clean.

Its value for money makes it one of the most purchased Taurus products. It has a power of 700W and is very practical, as its bright interior allows you to see the food perfectly. It has a timer of up to 30 minutes with an acoustic warning.

Buying guide: What you need to know about Taurus microwaves


buying a Taurus microwave, take into account the most important aspects about the product. To make it easier, we have summarised a series of questions and answers about these appliances. Don’t forget that there are different models of microwave ovens and not all of them have the same functions.

Microwave ovens are a basic kitchen appliance. (Source: Andreypopov: 83755397/ 123rf)

What types of Taurus microwaves are there?

Taurus is an appliance brand that offers its consumers various products and models. As for its microwaves, the company offers numerous types with varied functions and features. This makes it difficult to classify the types of microwave ovens.fication. However, in the following table we summarize the characteristics of the most famous models of this brand of household appliances.

Taurus Elbrus Taurus Laurent Taurus Luxus Tronic Taurus Fastwave 20L Grill Taurus Fastwave Fused Digital
20 litres 25 litres 23 litres 20 litres 20 litres
700W/900W 700W/900W 700W/900W 700W/800W 700W/900W
9 operating modes 14 power levels Multifunctional 9 power levels 6 power levels
Programmable Digital controls and clock Power regulator SmartHeatTechnology SmartHeatTechnology
End of cooking warning End of cooking warning End of cooking warning End-of-fire warning End-of-cooking warning
Child safety lock Child safety lock Child safety lock Shiny and Cleancoating Shiny andClean coating
Digital clock and LCD display Specific functions: grill, combination grill, defrost, fast cooking Digital control and LED display with clock Timer up to 99 minutes. Timer up to 30 minutes.

What differentiates Taurus microwave ovens from other microwave ovens?

Taurus has become a world-renowned brand thanks to the quality of its products. The Spanish company stands out for manufacturing microwaves with a design capable of fitting in any kitchen. Taurus offers both high-end microwaves as well as simple and more affordable functions.

In addition to its classic models, such as the Taurus Laurent or Taurus Elbrus, there are also its new improved versions. All of them stand out for their ease of use and installation. In addition, the company is focused on using the latest technology to continue improving its products.

What are the new Taurus microwave models for 2021?

One of the newest models from Taurus is the MO201XM built-in microwave oven. It has a capacity between 20 litres and has five power levels. It is made of stainless steel both inside and out and has mechanical controls. It has an automatic opening door and grill function. It also offers three grill and microwave combinations.


  • The maximum power of the microwave reaches up to 1250 W.
  • Includes an adjustable timer up to 35 minutes.
  • It stands out for its ease and convenience in installation.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Taurus microwaves?

Taurus microwaves stand out for their quality and ease of use. The Spanish company is dedicated to manufacturing products that are not only useful, but also have a design and power that are ideal for the functions they perform. We summarize the main advantages and disadvantages of Taurus microwave ovens in the following table.

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  • Guaranteed durability.
  • Different types of cooking.
  • Affordable prices.
  • Premium design.
  • MGood quality and resistant materials
  • Intelligent technology.
  • Different power levels and functions.


  • The company is not as well known as some of its competitors.
  • There are certain materials that should not be put in the microwave, such as metal or plastic containers.

What are the SmartHeat and Time to Start

technologies of Taurus microwave ovens? SmartHeat technology is part of most microwaves of this brand. This smart wave heating technology ensures fast heating and cooking of food 100% and evenly.

Meanwhile, the Time to Start

technology allows you to program the start time of the microwave, so you can program it to defrost or heat your food to have it ready at the time you want. This technology is very useful, especially when we forget to defrost food or want to program the microwave so that the food is ready at a certain time.

The functions of a microwave not only include heating food. Taurus microwaves have various power levels and cooking settings. (Source: Stockfotocz: 81936823/ 123rf)

What are the alternatives to the Taurus microwave?

The microwave is an appliance whose function is to heat or defrost food efficiently and quickly. As a main alternative to this product you can use a conventional oven. This is a tool that almost everyone has at home. However, if your intention is to heat food, you should set it at low temperatures to prevent food from burning.

Stoves and pots and pans can also be alternatives to a microwave. With a stove you can heat liquid food or boil water. You can also use it to make popcorn. Pots and pans are an option for reheating your food and, although they won’t be as fast as a microwave, they are an alternative for heating your food.

Buying Criteria

There is a wide variety of Taurus microwaves available on the market. If you are thinking of buying one, it is important that you take into account certain criteria. These will help you narrow down your search and find the microwave that best suits your tastes and needs. We show them below.


In the Taurus catalogue you will find various microwave ovens with different functions. The microwaves of this brand have different uses: defrosting food, heating with steam, with grill, among others. In particular, Taurus microwaves are practical and comfortable. The functions you should pay attention to are the following:

  • Child lock
  • ECO function
  • Cooking programs
  • Power levelsli>
  • Heating technology
  • Possibility to deactivate the sound signals or the interior light
  • .

  • Intelligent cleaning

A microwave oven is not just for heating food, but can have many functions.

For example, the Taurus Laurent microwave oven stands out for its fast cooking and grill function. The Taurus Luxus Tronic model lets you know when you need to turn the food to achieve the ideal browning of your food. Depending on your priorities and the functions you prefer to use, you will find a Taurus microwave that suits you.

Ovens are also used to heat food, but more slowly. (Source: Asafti: x5jilo3ck3o/ unsplash)


The power of a microwave is very important when choosing this type of product. The Taurus Laurent microwave, for example, has more than 14 power levels. So you can replace the use of the oven with this microwave. The Taurus Fastwave 23L digital microwave has a very high power output and its intelligent technology ensures optimal heating and cooking.

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If power is not the aspect that interests you most, you can opt for the Taurus Fastwave Fused microwave, which stands out for its ease of use. It has a power of 700W and is very practical. This is not low power, as any microwave with more than 600W is considered good quality.


The capacity of the microwave is crucial. If you are one of those people who keep a lot of food in containers, a large capacity is what you need. Most Taurus microwaves come in different types of capacities. The capacities you can find are as follows:

  • 20 liters. If the microwave will be used for heating or defrosting food, you won’t need a larger capacity. A 20 litre microwave is ideal for you.
  • 23 litres. For families, this is the optimum capacity. Its size allows you to heat almost all kinds of dishes and containers.
  • 25 litres. Microwave ovens with a capacity of 25 litres or more are suitable for heating large quantities of food. Because of their large dimensions, we do not recommend buying microwaves with such a large capacity, unless you need it.

On the other hand, if capacity is not something you are concerned about, you don’t need to buy a microwave with that much space. A 20-litre microwave, such as the MO20WHM or the Taurus Fastwave, will be more than enough to heat or defrost your food comfortably.

Time selector

The time selector, although it may not seem like an important factor to take into account, is fundamental when choosing a microwave. The function we use most often in this appliance is to quickly heat up leftovers and other food. Thus, a time selector convenient and easy to use will be very useful.

The Taurus Fastwave Fused microwave, for example, is ideal for quickly heating a bottle or heating leftover food. Its time selector in the form of a circular timer is very easy to use. It also has a button to quickly select 30 seconds.

User friendly or simple to use

The easier it is to activate a defrosting or cooking program, the better. A digital display may be simpler for most people. In that case, the Taurus Fastwave Digital microwave is the product for you. If you prefer manual buttons and keys, models like the Taurus Fastwave or the MO20WHM model will suit your preferences better.

Also bear in mind that if you have small children, you should check that the microwave has a child lock system. Most Taurus microwaves have this feature, but we recommend that you make sure that the model you have chosen has this or a similar system.


Microwaves have become an essential kitchen appliance. From its basic function of heating food quickly to its ability to prepare elaborate recipes, the microwave is a must-have in your kitchen. The Taurus brand aims to make your life easier and offer you quality and durable products.

When buying a Taurus microwave, we recommend that you take into account a number of important factors. The functions, power, capacity, time selector and simple use of the microwave will be decisive at the time of purchase. What are you waiting for to choose your Taurus microwave?

(Featured image source: Rostislavsedlacek: 26717864/ 123rf)