Recently, Google (or rather Alphabet) presented its quarterly results. And unsurprisingly, these are exceptional. As we explained in a previous article, Google benefited from the pandemic, but also from its mitigation.

However, the presentation of these quarterly results was not only an opportunity to talk about financial performance. The CEO Sundar Pichai also took the opportunity to tease the next hardwares of the Mountain View firm.

Indeed, today, Google does not only provide the Android operating system with its services. It is also a manufacturer of smartphones. But in 2020, Google disappointed a good number of fans.

While the Pixel 5 was expected to be a high-end smartphone that could compete with the flagship of Samsung, Apple or Xiaomi, the Mountain View firm only released a mid-range device. Nevertheless, this year, with the Pixel 6 series, Google is expected to rectify that.

And this was just strongly hinted at by Sundar Pichai during Alphabet’s quarterly earnings announcement. As reported by 9to5Google, the Alphabet and Google boss said that the company’s upcoming hardwares will break through to uncover Android 12. Moreover, these will also uncover Google’s “deep technology investments”.

Whitechapel ? Folding smartphone?

What to expect? Currently, many rumors are already circulating about the next Google smartphones. According to these, the firm has developed its own chip, which can be used by Pixel smartphones instead of Snapdragon chips.

This project, codenamed Whitechapel, would allow Google to get closer to Apple’s model, which has total control over the software, the smartphones as well as the chips. In terms of optimization, this has an advantage.

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In addition, Google would also equip its next smartphones with better cameras, with more sensors. According to some sources, the Whitechapel chip would have been developed in partnership with Samsung.

But that’s not all. Google could also introduceits first folding smartphone this fall. This is what rumors indicate and is also corroborated by some leaks. Here too, Google could take advantage of Samsung’s technologies as the folding Pixel smartphone would use the Korean giant’s foldable displays.

For the moment, all this information is unofficial. And therefore, caution is required. But in any case, the Sundar Pichai’s statement indicates that we should expect important new features on the Pixel 6.

Moreover, Pichai also assured that hardware remains an important part of Google’s strategy. “I’m proud of how the team continues to deliver the best of Google through our lineup of useful devices, including Nest and Fitbit. You can see all of these devices in our first retail store in New York, and I look forward to seeing more soon,” he said.