This is a first in the history of illegal streaming in the soccer world. While this practice has generated 1 billion losses for broadcasters, beIN Sports has managed to block several illegal sites.

The reason for this blocking was the illegal broadcasting of the African Cup of Nations (CAN), for which beIN SPORTS had obtained the full rights. On such a short event, it was urgent to react.

ARCOM scores points

To get its way, beIN SPORTS turned to the Audiovisual and Digital Communication Regulation Authority, ARCOM, a new body born from the merger between the CSA and Hadopi.

And the least we can say is that ARCOM is already much more efficient than Hadopi. The authority has set up a new system allowing rights holders to quickly approach actors who can block illegal sites.

beIN SPORTS has used this new weapon to report to ARCOM the sites broadcasting the CAN illegally on the Internet as well as on IPTV. In just a few days, this work has allowed the judicial court of Paris to give its verdict.

The latter decided to validate the blocking of fraudulent addresses and sites previously identified by the channel. ARCOM has thus asked the Internet service providers to block any site broadcasting the CAN matches in streaming or IPTV.

This decision “is a concrete sign of the entry into force of the new legal mechanism aimed at simplifying and accelerating the blocking and inaccessibility of fraudulent sites and/or addresses”, said Caroline Guenneteau, Deputy Secretary General of beIN MEDIA GROUP. And she added:

The objective from now on will be to determine, in consultation with all the stakeholders and ARCOM, the modalities that will allow us to optimize the application of blocking measures for identified sites and possible mirror sites in the coming weeks.

Pirates take to the water

This new decision is certainly not good for the pirates. And even if the smartest ones will manage to slip through the net, this decision shows that things are not that simple anymore.

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While soccer remains the most pirated content, piracy has been on a steep decline since 2020. This is particularly visible on movie and series download sites. The website Torrentfreak, a specialist in the subject, explained that traffic on illegal download sites had dropped by 10% in 2020.

The reasons for this trend: an increasingly rich and affordable legal offer. If Netflix was leading the way alone a few years ago, other giants have joined it. Apple, Amazon and Disney have launched or expanded thecatalog. In France, OCS and Canal+ are also involved in this fierce war.

The price issue is often put forward as a brake by users. But the distributors are making a lot of effort. Canal+, for example, offers a 25 euro per month package including its programs, access to Netflix but also to Disney+ and OCS. In other words, access to four platforms for the price of a blu-ray.

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